It’s a “you” day. That’s right I said it- this day is yours, so do something nice for yourself. Do something you like to do but haven’t made time for yourself lately.

Sure, you’ve done things for the kids, or the dog, or your significant other. That’s great- but what about you? What would you like to do?

Okay, you don’t need to say something like “I want to buy a Rolls Royce” but hey, if you do and you can afford it then good for you- go for it!

But what about that movie you’ve been waiting to see? What about that book you want to read? What about that bubble bath and that glass of wine or that yoga class?

Think about it- what would you like to do with this day that is yours?

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2 thoughts on “IT”S A “YOU” DAY…

  1. Thank you so much for this because I am sore and tired now! I really needed a YOU day. It seems when you are full of responsibilities you kinda get loss sometimes.

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