It’s Your Day…

35920050It’s your day. Yes, it is officially “Be nice to myself”day.

It is YOUR  day to say “thank you” to yourself and go do something you want to do. We do so much for others but so often, when it comes to ourselves- we do nothing or little.

Let’s change that today, okay? Now don’t say no- I can see you from here.

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Cherish Them…

990210349_008Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones- whether they be human or have fur or feathers. One day they might not be here anymore, and we could regret not spending more time with them.

Remember that nothing is as important as those close to you. Nothing. What you hold dear to your heart is the most important thing. Make the time.

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Don’t Let It In…

990107910_002Don’t let it into your life…drama.

It’s great to watch on TV, but when you let it into your life it can be a mess. Sure, there are many things to get upset about in life. But those things should not include- a chipped nail, missing the green light, having to stand an extra 90 seconds in line at the grocery store, and so on. The more you react strongly to even the most trivial situations the more you will generate the discomfort that comes from all that stuff- anger, fear, frustration-etc.

Learn to shrug off minor upsets and you will find the confidence and composure to weather the more turbulent seas of life.

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What Are You Saying Exactly?

Parashoots SunWhat are you saying exactly- when you talk to yourself?

Take a little time to notice that today. Take a little time to notice how you feel when you talk to yourself. If you feel good, if you feel like the thoughts you think spur you on to reach your goals then good for you.

But if that is not the case then you may want to notice what goes on in your head. Are you beating yourself up mentally? Are you selling yourself short?

Why not try talking to yourself like your own best friend? Just try it, and see the difference it can make in the way you think and feel.

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Does it Pay?

35920003Does it pay…to rush around, trying to do as many things as you possibly can?

Rushing around may seem like a good idea but it is in fact just another way to add stress to your life. Do it now. Do everything right now. The more you get done, the better.

But if you really think about it, the faster you go the more mistakes you tend to make. That means you probably have to work twice as hard. And then ou get mad because you have to do it over again…more stress.

Okay, maybe we should be in a hurry to get certain things done in this world. But when we find we’re trying to do everything in a hurry then we may need to re-evaluate

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It’s Here For All Of Us…

990204522_021It’s here for all of us- this brand new day. It is offered to you- for you to write your goals and dreams on.

So go up to this brand new day and raise your pen high. Take that blank piece of paper and write “I can and I will. This day belongs to me”

Now get out there and make the day your own.

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It’s Better…

DSC01709_0006It’s better…kindness and a smile. It’s better…to have a person have he last word without having to talk over them. We don’t always have to be right.

Kindness is so simple and it makes you feel so good, so why not practice it more? We know how it feels when someone extends a kindness to us. We feel that big smile coming on. We see the other person smiling too- and what better feeling is that?

Slow down, smile, and be kind.

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Come On Now…

35920050Come on now…stop what you’re doing and ask yourself a question “When was the last time I did something nice for myself?”

Does your answer surprise you? Are you so busy taking care of others that you forget to take care of yourself? Do you put yourself last?

You know, doing for others is a wonderful thing. it truly is. But, you count too. Your well being matters because if you allow yourself to run out of gas then how will you be there for others when they need you? If you are sick or cranky then you are no doing anyone a service.

Think about it.

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See It For What It Is…

35920022See it for what it is…each brand new day. See it as a gift; a chance to shine and a chance to move in a new direction- and not something to dread and hide under the covers from.

You know, there are many people out there who will be denied the gift of seeing this new day, but you get to open your eyes to experience it.

Think about that and be grateful.

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Who’s Stopping You?

990108468_034Who’s stopping you- from going farther and reaching higher? What’s stopping you?

If you’re waiting for the perfect time then you might be waiting forever. If you’re waiting for the perfect person to come along and assist you then that might take a long time as well.

But if you take a step right now- right on your own then everything else will fall into place. Get the game in motion.

Let’s face it- it is in your hands. You are the only one who really gets in your own way.

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