Are You Still Carrying It?

990108468_038Are you still carrying it…the hurt from the past?

I remember speaking with a young woman a short time ago who, on the surface, seemed to have it all. Looks, brains, money, a fantastic career,  and a great personality. But she had her high school reunion coming up and she was worried.

When I asked her what about her answer surprised me. She was worrying about seeing a boy that she had dated for a short time in her junior year. She said that he dumped her for another girl, saying that he was tired of her because she was ugly and stupid. I just looked at her with my mouth wide open- how could this woman, who seemed to have it all, worry about a kid who stopped dating her when she was sixteen!

She told me that she thought about it often. Whenever she got nervous she would see this kid in her mind’s eye taunting her. All she could think about was “stupid and ugly”

Well, she went to the reunion and saw this guy. He came right up to her and said hello. And then he told her that letting her go was the dumbest thing he ever did in his life. The truth was that she was so popular that he worried about losing her constantly. And so, to avoid this potential hurt, he broke it off with her and started dating someone else. He told her he always thought she was too good for him.

Let the past go. Let these things drop away because you know what- most of the time they’re not even true and you can rise above it all.

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