Just A Little Dab Will Do It…

Vibrant Sun 3Just a little dab will do you..a little dab of kindness.

A friend of mine has an older family in the hospital, and this lady was scared. They give out little teddy bears to the little kids when they come in, but nobody thought to give one to this older lady except this one one orderly who grabbed on and gave it to the woman.

She immediately calmed down and hugged the little bear until she fell asleep peacefully. After that, she hung onto that stuffed toy and it comforted her. And so did the orderly, who made it a point to visit her each day after his shift.

A little kindness goes a long way.

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Let’s Get Going!



Let’s get going…and start this brand new day. Let’s make it ours. Let’s move forward in confidence.

Our thoughts and feelings will make or break this day…so let’s make them good ones and make the day great!

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It’s Always The Right Time…

Green SkyIt’s always the right time…to begin. If you have the idea, the dream, the goal- then it’s time. You will find a way to make it happen. It is why the dream lives on inside you- because you have what it takes to bring it into the physical world.

Use that power and use it now- don’t let your dream die an early death.

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Enjoy It!

35920050Enjoy it.. some “me” time. Why not try something new? Is there a hobby you have wanted to try, or a new restaurant, or a movie you’ve been wanting to see? Then what are you waiting for?

Be good to yourself, and make the most important investment you will ever make- an investment in your own well-being.

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Notice Them More…

35920042Notice them more…your feelings. Notice them when you feel anxious or afraid. What are you thinking?

Chances are that you are thinking gloom and doom- that you can’t do something, or that you’re worried about some future event that may or may not happen. Your stomach churns and your head aches.

Now notice how you feel when you think to yourself that you can handle what comes your way- that you can figure it out and make the right choices- feels different doesn’t it? You feel calmer, more focused but at the same time relaxed because you know you have what it takes to get a positive result.

Pay attention the next time you start to feel “off” What are you thinking about? Then you’ll have your answer.

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Are You Open?

Vibrant Sun 3Are you open…to new experiences? Are you willing to try new things?Are you willing to get out there and forge new paths? Are you ready to take a chance…

Good for you, then.I’ll bet you’ll get wherever it is you want to go, because being open to new experiences and new ways of doing things allows us to see new possibilities and to act on them.

Are you not open? Do you just want to go along the same old way with nothing ever changing and taking no chances?

Then I hope you like it where you are because you’re gonna be there for a long time.

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It’s All You…

Vibrant Sun 4It’s all you…what unfolds in life. It’s all a result of your feelings, your thoughts about those feelings, and the actions you then take.

It is not your mother’s fault. It is not your brother’s fault or your third grade teacher’s. It is a result of each one of us not always noticing our train of thought and just how powerful those thoughts are.

We are in control. Always.Let’s realize our power.

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Choose Wisely…

990204522_003_0001Choose wisely…your friends. It has been said that we tend to “take on” the characteristics of those closest to us. Do you want to be around people who encourage you and make you smile? Do you want to be around people who support your goals? (And you do the same for them)

Think about your friendships. Is there one that you have been questioning for awhile? Is there something you could do to improve that relationship and have you tried?

If so, it may be time to move on. Sad, yes it is, but we all know when they point has been reached. We need to offer support but also receive it as well.

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Here We Go!

Vibrant Sun 3Here we go… a brand new week! Let’s make this the week that we really shine. Let’s make this the week when we take that step- towards that goal we’ve had on the back burner for too long now.

Let’s take some action and make it happen!

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Are You Asking The Right Ones…

Parashoots SunAre you asking the right ones…the right questions, that is? Do you ask yourself how you can make something better rather than just complain about it ll the time? Do you put your focus on what is positive in any given situation? Or do you keep harping on the the things wrong with it?

Your energy will go wherever you put your focus, so isn’t it more beneficial to concentrate on making things better…instead of worse?

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