Don’t Worry About It…


Don’t worry about it…what the other guy has. Instead, think about what truly would be best for you.

Too often we react when we see somebody with something/someone new in their lives. We start to think “Hey, I want that.” But do you really? Do you really want to buy a condo just like Jeanine has, when you have always been the type of person who enjoys having a big backyard? But sometimes, we get so caught up in the moment of seeing that person get excited that we want to feel that way, too. We want to have something, new, something different, but is it right for us? Can we see ourselves down the line still living in that condo with no place to put our lawn chair?

Take time to think about that the next time the urge to do something that somebody else is doing strikes you. Ask yourself if this is really right for you.

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