You Can Only Move Forward…

990105679_004You can only move forward in life…and not go back- so keep that in mind when you keep dwelling on the past

What was said was said; what was done as done- and there’s just no undoing it If there is a lesson you can learn from the past then by all means take that lesson with you and use what you have learned right now and in the future. But if you keep going back to the past just to beat yourself up then you need to shut the door on it and leave it there because it has no place in your life anymore.

Go easy on yourself.

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Cultivate It…

990108468_038Cultivate it as much as you can…an attitude of calm. Count to ten before you get angry. Instead of getting into an argument, walk away until you calm down. Take things at a slower pace when you can- you don’t have to be in a rush to go everywhere and do everything. Slow down a little. Spend some quiet time- maybe a walk or listening to relaxing music.

Cut off anger and drama before it takes hold. Cultivate that peaceful feeling.

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Each One…

990204522_021Each day is a chance…to be grateful. Be appreciative of something or someone. Think about how much nicer your life is because of it/them. Think about, for a moment, what life would be like without it/them.

The problem is that we often don’t think of that. We tend to take things for granted until they are no longer there. Then we wish we had done more to keep them in our lives.

But we can stop that right in it’s tracks- right now- by remembering to be grateful. It males such a difference in the quality of our lives

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Keep It With You

990204522_003_0001Keep it with you…that thought that makes you smile and laugh. Just because the work week has begun doesn’t mean that we have to be all doom-and-gloom. When we feel that dark mood coming on, remember that thought.Bring that happy thought into your consciousness and bring that smile back too.

Keep a happy thought (or two) at the ready- it will male your day a happier one, no matter what day it is.

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Respect Is Best…

990105679_003Respect is always best.., respect for the opinions of others.

We all don’t think alike; we have all had different life experiences which shape the way we think. And one way of thinking probably is not better than another way. Everyone has a right to their own journey.

So the next tine you feel tempted to say something like “that’s not the way I would do that” remember that it’s YOUR opinion that you are putting out there’ perhaps their way is the one that is best for them…or- they know an even better way!

Let’s live and let live.

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Keep Them Open…

Keep them open…those lines of communication. Set aside hurts or perceived slights. Life is too short for all that drama. Now with the holiday season upon us, let’s re-build those relationships that we let slide by the wayside- there are people out there who would love to hear your voice again and then you’ll both feel better.

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Have It Your Way

990205258_014Have it your way…and I don’t mean your hamburger- I mean your life. Too often, we try to live our lives by trying to fit into some arbitrary idea of what should be. We go along, trying to get our life going in the same vein as this “perfect life” we envision- the one we think other people have.

In truth- there is no “perfect life” There is no right way or wrong way. It’s what feels right to you. Get married? Okay. Don’t get married…okay too. Buy a house. Good. Rent an apartment. Good too.Have lots of kids- yeah. Have no kids-yeah.

It’s all okay. Let’s stop trying to fit into a box we don’t belong in and settle into a place where it all fits perfectly into place.

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