Keep The Flow Going…

Green SkyKeep the flow going…that flow of abundance from our friend the Universe.

Don’t cut it off by being jealous or envious of others. Just because your best friend just go a new car doesn’t mean you won’t get yours- or whatever else you may want.

Please think that the Universe has a finite supply- and when somebody else gets something that means there’s nothing left for you. And there could be nothing that is further from the truth. When you exhibit jealousy or envy, you are saying to the Universe that you believe there is not enough to go around. And what you put out there is what you get back. The Universe says “Okay, so you think there’s not enough so yeah, for you there’s no more.” And then…crickets.

When you are genuinely happy for the good fortune of others you let the Universe know that you are ready for your good fortune as well. Keep the channel open.

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