Have It Your Way

990205258_014Have it your way…and I don’t mean your hamburger- I mean your life. Too often, we try to live our lives by trying to fit into some arbitrary idea of what should be. We go along, trying to get our life going in the same vein as this “perfect life” we envision- the one we think other people have.

In truth- there is no “perfect life” There is no right way or wrong way. It’s what feels right to you. Get married? Okay. Don’t get married…okay too. Buy a house. Good. Rent an apartment. Good too.Have lots of kids- yeah. Have no kids-yeah.

It’s all okay. Let’s stop trying to fit into a box we don’t belong in and settle into a place where it all fits perfectly into place.

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie #positivethinking #lifecoaching #debbieailman


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