What Does It Say To You?

What does it say to you… that little voice inside you? Or do you take the time to listen to it?

Too many times, we are caught up in what others think and feel, and even though it doesn’t feel right to us we go along with it- because Shirley says so, because Bob is doing it, because the guy who fixed your washing machine last week says he’s going to do it.

But you are not Bob, or Shirley, or the Maytag repairman. What feels right to them might feel really rotten to you. In fact, your inner voice might be screaming “What’s wrong with you- have you lost your mind?” but it doesn’t matter- because everybody else is either doing “it” or wants to do “it”

But if “it” is not right you will know it- so listen to the way you feel more often.

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