Think About It…

990108468_034How often do we go through our day, watching other people- and then wanting what they have?

“Oh, Joe’s got a new condo, just look at that. That looks like a great place to live.” But with five kids and two big dogs- is that really what you want? Would you be happy living in a place like Joe’s- or would you be miserable five minutes after you signed the deed?

Annie just got a full sized SUV. It’s bad on gas, but she has three kids and she is constantly ferrying around not only her kids but their friends as well. You live alone. You have a small car which works great for you- good gas mileage, too. But when you see Annie’s new SUV then you want one; after all that new car smell and all… So you get one. Your payment goes up two hundred a month. It’s costing you more to fill up the tank and you’re having to do it more often as well. So you say to yourself “What was I thinking?”

Before we go to blindly grab the next thing that we think is going to be our one way ticket to happiness, we need to stop and ask ourselves if we really even want it? We need to stop and say to ourselves something like “Hey, I’m happy for Joe but the house we live in is what works for our family- and then stop to be grateful that you have a place to live.

Looking outside yourself for happiness us like trying to fill a bottomless pit- they’ll always be something else to want.

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