Celebrate You!

dsc01646_0045Celebrate yourself. Celebrate what you are good at.

Too often we downplay the things we do well but overplay the talents of others. Now, there is nothing wrong with recognizing good work in another person; we should recognize the good in all of us, but when you create, for example, an award winning painting for example, and when people compliment you on your work you turn around and say something like “Yeah, thanks- but look at Bud…he painted two walls in his kitchen this weekend!”

I’m sure Bud did a great job painting the kitchen walls that bright, sunny yellow that his wife wanted- but there is a big difference between that and creating a masterpiece. But somehow, when it comes to us that “masterpiece” is suddenly no big deal- but the truth is that is IS a big deal- and we should celebrate our ability. Think about it.

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