If You’re Gonna Be A Grump…

b215a04d-4bf9-4535-88dd-877297f7b014_0012If you’re gonna be a grump, then prepared to be around grumpy people. If you walk around saying things like “I hate all people” then you’re going to spend lots of time on your own.

I had a friend years ago who told me everyone around her was always in a mood. One day, i was at another friends house and we were having a lively, pleasant conversation. Then my friend walked in. Slamming the door she said loudly “I can’t believe all that damn traffic out there- why don’t more of these ******** people stay home and off the roads!”

The whole atmosphere of the room changed and so she walked over to me and said “You see, what I told you is true- these people are always grumpy.

Think about it.

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