Why Not?

Why not try something different today? Why not have a different kind of breakfast, or try a different kind of drink at your coffee place? Why not take another route to work or wherever you’re going and see some different scenery?

They say that variety is the spice of life so why not add a little zing into your life today?

Go for it.

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Reach Out…


You know, we’ve all seen it- someone we know is in a bad mood so the first thing we assume is that we have something to do with it. So we get defensive, ask them what the heck is wrong with them, and then it goes haywire.

We are all entitled to our emotions. Sometimes we have a bad day & all we want is to be left alone to sort it out. Give that person the space to do it. You can surely ask if there’s a problem, but if they don’t answer let it go. You can say something like “Hey I’m here if you need to talk” but then let it go.

Go about your day. Focus on happy things, because seeing you do that may help break the person out of their funk.

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Build It…



Build it…a strong support system.

There are all things that interest us whether it be writing, or kayaking, or whatever else you can think of. There are also many clubs and organizations that support these interests…join one.

Let’s face it- you might be passionate about something and your best friend, significant other, or your siblings have no interest in it- in fact they are tired of hearing about it. So what better thing to do is to find a group where they basically, well, almost always talk about it?

You can meet new friends; friends that have similar interests and they can be a support system for you as you can become for them.

So, if your family is tired of you playing drums until 3 o’clock in the morning well then you can find a place where they embrace it.

Build a support system because you might not always find it in those closest to you.

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It Doesn’t Matter…

It doesn’t matter- what happened in the past- each day is brand new. Brand new actions to take, brand new feelings to feel, it’s a clean slate being offered to you.

But how many times do we take what is given us each day and just cast it aside, intent on bringing yesterday with us wherever we go. And it gets so heavy for us to carry that all we can think about is how much our arms hurt- and that is where our focus stays unless we choose to toss it aside and embrace our brand new gift.

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Let It Go…

Let it go… there will always be people around that you might not “click” with. Some will rub you the wrong way.

Let it go. Sometimes people can be mean and that meanness might be directed towards you even you have nothing to do with it. Sometimes it may take a great deal of control, but it’s best to just step back and just let them be. Smile and move on to your task at hand.

It’s better for both of you that way.

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Why Not?

Why not? Why not mix it up a little today? Take different way to work or pack a different lunch or maybe start a conversation on a new topic at the office? How about wearing something that you haven’t worn in awhile? Or listening to a different kind of music on the radio?

You never know when even the slightest change can make a big difference in how your day unfolds. It could be hearing a new commercial because you switched stations or finding out new facts because you changed the topic of conversation.

At the very least, it will keep it interesting.

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How Do We See Ourselves?


How do we see ourselves? Do we see ourselves as capable human beings able to rise and meet challenges? Or do we shy away from those challenges because we feel we’re just not up to them and prefer to stay in familiar surroundings?

We have the capability to grow. We have within us all the tools we need to meet challenges successfully.

But it is our decision as to whether we will use those tools. It is our decision as to how far we can go and what we can do. Ours alone- so what decision will you make today?

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