Don’t Be One…

Don’t be one…a bully.

You don’t have to be a kid to be a bully and sometimes the only weapon you use is your voice.

Be aware of what you’re saying in a group setting.What you may think is funny or no big deal might be offensive to somebody else. Maybe you’re in a bad mood. Maybe some guy parked too close to your car at the mall and you say out loud something about wanting to have a bat so you could smash that car’s windows.

Now people close to you would just say that you like to rant and that you have trouble even killing a fly, so the idea of breaking someone’s windows is just not a possibility. But others may not know that- especially in the workplace- and they may think that they are not safe being near you.

Watch your words. Watch your actions. If you need to rant wait until you get home and rant while you take a shower. Think about it.

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