We All Shine…

Why compare yourself to another? We all have unique and wonderful talents. There are also things that we cannot (or choose not to) do.

Maybe Mary can make a costume from a scrap of cloth but she can’t keep her checkbook straight. Maybe Dan is great with numbers but he’s too shy to give a short speech at his local community center. Maybe Eileen is a great cook but can never seem to be on time.

We are all here to celebrate our uniqueness and to appreciate the uniqueness of others…not to stick out our tongues and say “nah, nah nah” I’m better than you!”

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See It For What It Is…

I was reading the other day that the Bureau of Standards in Washington tells us that fog which can completely encompass seven city blocks and make visibility almost impossible actually is comprised of only about half a glass of water. So little water can cause so much chaos!

And so it is with worry…you can take a little problem and magnify it until it encompasses every area of your life. It “clouds” you so you cannot see solutions clearly.

So the next time you see that little vapor of “foggy uncertainty” coming your way, stop and light it up with your confidence and burn through it the way the sun ends a dense morning fog.

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Brush It Off…

Brush it off…the little “hiccups” of the day. So Bob in accounting doesn’t like your new dress…so what? You do and that’s the important thing.

Your neighbor Janet thinks your new car is silly…why do you need an SUV when it’s only you and your significant other? Because YOU like it, that’s why!

People are people and they will on occasion say something that might upset you and you know what, if it’s something really important or if it comes from somebody important to you then you may want to listen…though the final decision belongs to you.

Janet and Bob? Let them do their own shopping.

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You do deserve what you want in life. Success in life is not reserved for a few choice people; it is for anyone who wants it. It is for anyone who focuses on it, believes that it can happen for them and acts as if what they want is already theirs. It is for anyone who is grateful for what they have and is happy for the success of others. It belongs to all who believe in themselves.

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It Only Takes a Minute…

Be open…to the things that happen. Don’t stop in your tracks and say “oh, no!” for the very thing you are complaining about may be the very thing you need to help you move forward. Give a new situation a chance before you condemn it. Give new people a chance before you condemn them as well. It only takes a minute to turn things around But you must give it that little bit of time to see where it leads you.

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Are You Finding It?

Are you finding it- what brings you joy? Are you looking for it even? Or are you so focused on what is wrong in your life that you just don’t see all that is right with it?

Take some time and think about all the good stuff. Write it down even. If you write it down then you can just pull out your list and remind yourself of all that you have to be glad about- and then you can smile really big.

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What If?

What if, just for a day, we put our fears on a back burner. What if we said something like “Not today, fear, I’m not going to entertain you today.” What if that happened?

If we did that then fear would get the idea that he wasn’t welcome yesterday or the day before that. So then maybe he won’t come around so much anymore because you’re too busy entertaining your new friend- confidence.

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