Move Ahead…

Move ahead with your plans. Form a picture in your head and take it from there. Write down the steps you need to take to go from where you are to where you want to be and work on then each day.
Know that you can do it. Know that you possess all you need right inside you to make your life the way you want it to be. When doubt creeps in push it out and slam the door on it…hard!
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Do You…

Do you smile? Do you greet each day with anticipation or do you dread the sunrise?

Do you count your blessings or do you curse those you think have “more” than you and just want what they have too?

Are you there to lend a hand to someone who may need you or do you turn your back and then wonder why you’re always alone?

It can turn around. It starts with gratitude and a smile…and it starts with YOU.

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Step Back…

Step back…when something unexpected happens. Step back…and think.
What would be the best course of action? It often is not the very first thing that comes to your mind in the heat of the moment.
Be calm…Yes it’s not always easy but take a deep breath and think. How can I make this situation better? What can I do to improve it.? How can I make myself and others feel better?
It may take a moment or two to think clearly. Decisions made in the heat of anger, fear or confusion may not be the ones you want to live with so think carefully first.
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Celebrate you! Celebrate all the things you can do!

Now don’t say there’s nothing you can do because we ALL have strong points. Maybe you’re a good writer, or a terrific decorator or painter. Maybe you have a way of making people feel at home; maybe you’re easy to talk to.

So before you discount yourself, stop and re-evaluate and you will find plenty to be proud of…so celebrate YOU!

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Find It…

Find your place. You’ll know when it feels right. Whether your place is in an office or out in the field; whether it is in a condo or a house or perhaps sharing your space with a good friend or maybe significant other or a houseful of pets…you’ll know what feels right. You’ll know what feels like YOU.

You don’t have to be what everybody else is…unless you want to. But there is a path for you; there is a road that has your name on it and it belongs to you.

So go and find it. It is waiting for you. It is where your destiny is

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Give ‘em a break…people. I just came back from running a few errands and I was driving behind two vans. One van was riding the bumper of the van in front of it, leaning on the horn and obviously very annoyed at the slow pace of the guy in front of him. Finally the guy in back of him tried to cut him off as the first van tried to make a left turn…into the hospice parking lot.

The traffic stopped as both drivers got out- the second guy angry and the first guy, who was a very old man. “I’m sorry,” he said.” I didn’t know where this place was. My daughter is here, she’s dying.

The man in the second van hugged the old man and said he was the one who should be sorry

The moral of the story is- give others a break. You never know what they may be going through.

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Will They…

Will it really make you happy… lots of material possessions? Have you ever noticed that you may say to yourself “my life would be so much better if only I had ___” you can fill in the blank. And then you found that, when you did get that thing that nothing changed? That maybe you were happy for about five minutes but then you sat down and said to yourself “my life really would be much better if only I had____this now”

Real happiness comes from within. It comes from being grateful for what you have. Sure it’s nice to have a few luxuries, but the only thing that truly will make you feel better about yourself is YOU!

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You Can…


You have what you need. You have all you need to be successful right between your ears. Do you know how powerful you really are? Or do you let petty insecurities hold you back?
It has been said that we generally use no more than 10% of our total brain power. That means you have a vast storehouse of knowledge and ability that’s just lying there dormant waiting to be called upon.
Remember you power the next time you start to say “I can’t do this” Remember your power when you feel tempted to turn on your heels and run the other way.
You CAN do it.
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Watch Them…

What do you say? What words come out of your mouth? Is your language peppered with words like “I can’t” or “I don’t like this”? Do you then stand there and wonder why things don’t go your way or why things seem to be such a struggle sometimes?
Your words set the stage for the things that happen to you. Your words and the emotions associated with those words pave the way for the fashion in which your day unfolds. Your words can make you or break you.
But words like “I can” and “I can see the good in this” and a big smile on your face set the stage as well. They set the stage for happiness. They set the stage for success. These kinds of words and the emotions associated with them lift you up and show you the way to make things possible. These words help you to shine.
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Just Wait…

Step back…when you feel yourself getting angry. Ask yourself “What will this accomplish? Will it make the situation better? Will it make me feel better and be better for me in the long run?”
Chances are the answer is no. No it won’t make the situation better. In fact with all the negative energy you’re pumping into it you’ll probably make it a lot worse.
Will it make you feel better? Well that depends. You WILL feel better if you like headaches and upset stomachs.
Will it be better for you in the long run? Sure, if you like losing friends and having people shy away from you because you have a temper. ,
There is very little that can be positively gained by getting angry and flying off the handle. Remember that the next time you are tempted to do it. Count to ten first. Or twenty. Or whatever it takes to step back and reframe the situation.
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