Surround Yourself…

Surround yourself…with positivity. Little reminders to keep you on the “positive bus” How about writing affirmations on index cards and putting them where you’ll see them often throughout the day- on your nightstand, on the bathroom mirror, by the coffee pot, on the visor in your car and at your desk. Get yourself a little notebook and write down things that make you grateful and happy. Start a vision board. Buy an inspirational paperback and carry it with you and then randomly open it and read a little…a message form the Universe to you. Listen to motivational material and happy and relaxing music.
Surrounding yourself with positivity helps you to stay in that frame of mind. It should be something you do every day. Positive thought needs to be practiced regularly and nurtured. It should never be a “one day you do it and the next you don’t” kind of thing.
Yes, for best results repeat and repeat and repeat!
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