Shine On…


Shine on! Yes, I’m talking to you, stop looking behind you. You shine! You do! Look at how many things you are good at. Look at how many people you make smile when they think of you.
Don’t say you’re not good at anything. We ALL have things we excel at and make not only ourselves but others happy as well. Maybe you bake a terrific chocolate cake. Maybe you sing like an angel. Maybe you’re always the first person to lend a helping hand to another.
So maybe you’ll never ski down a mountain or sky dive. Those may be adventurous things to do and many people do them well but that does not diminish you. Nope, don’t argue with me because it doesn’t,
You are YOU and a wonderful one at that. Celebrate what you are good at. Because you shine!
#seriouscoaching #strategicinterventioncoaching #debbieailman #positivevibes #crystalhealing


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