It Doesn’t Matter…

It doesn’t matter…where you’ve been. It doesn’t matter…what you’ve done in the past.

A long time ago, I read a story about a man who was working as a salesman out west and he was caught in a blinding snowstorm. His car was old and had been giving him trouble but it chose that particular moment to totally give out. Now keep in mind that this man was on a deserted road as well, and had not seen another car in hours.

But only minutes after his car died, another car appeared. The man driving got out and approached the salesman, sitting in his car to try to keep warm. He was a little afraid a first; after all here was a stranger and they were in the middle of nowhere.

He rolled down his window. “Open the hood,” the man said. The salesman, thinking this guy was crazy, did it anyway.

The strange man did something to the engine and the car started right up.

The salesman was amazed.

The man said “Every car has at least one more start in it if given the proper attention.”

Then the wind grew silent and the man continued “The same principle applies to people. Someday you will have occasion to apply this knowledge. Remember that as long as a single spark remains, it is not too late for either a car or a human being to make a fresh start”

Doug Hooper was the salesman. He went on to develop programs to rehabilitate men who had been incarcerated. He helped give them a “fresh start”

He is the author of the book “You are what you think” from which I got this story.

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