Happy New Year!!!

happy new yearHappy New Year and may 2018 be your best year yet. I hope you have much to be grateful for and that you smile more. I hope this year brings you peace and love.

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It Sure Helps…

It sure helps…being thankful. It just makes you feel better, more calm, more peaceful, and just happier.it makes you glad to be alive.

Think about the times that you have been thankful for something. Think about the way you felt. Think about the actions you then took as a result of feeling good. You took some great steps, right? You probably got a lot more done than if you sat around feeling sorry for yourself, right?

Let’s all shift our focus towards being thankful today and then we’ll make it a great day!

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Are You Going to Keep Entertaining Him…

Okay if you’re gonna keep on doing it…entertaining the green- eyed monster, that is, then you’re going to stay stuck.

If you lean out the window to look at Paul’s new Mercedes and then think to yourself “Oh man, he doesn’t deserve that…I do!” then that car is just going to move further and further away from you because you believe that all there is is lack in this Universe; Paul has the car you want so that’s it; that’s the last one, and he’s got it! You might as well dust off that old rusty bike in the basement because that’s what you’ll be using.

But if you get up, get dressed, and go out to greet Paul to congratulate him on his brand new car and mean the words you say…then you have just affirmed a bountiful Universe. What Paul has can be yours as well (and no, you don’t have to steal his) In fact, this is your sign that yours is on the way.

It’s up to you really. If you want to be envious and turn green, be my guest.

But if you want to affirm our limitless Universe, then toss that green eyed goopy thing out your door and tell him to get lost. He’s got no place in your life. You’ve got better things to do.

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Open It…

Open it… your heart. Let people into your life. Take that chance and reach out. Make a connection.

If you are alone, why not join a group where you will have a common interest? Meet-up is full of different places. if you like photography. for example, why not join that kind of group? Or a book club? Say hello to your neighbors instead of shuffling by them. Reach out.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult when you’re a little introverted to make a connection with another, but it doesn’t have to be all that- it doesn’t have to be some kind of torrid love affair or some lifetime commitment. Just a little bit of reaching outside of yourself so that you are not so alone. You most likely will find that this will be of great benefit to you.

But you have to take that first step; you must grab onto that first rung of the ladder.

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 It’s how you measure it that matters…your success. It’s how YOU feel about what you’re doing and about the path you take that should be paramount.
Sure, you can listen to the advice that others give you- and it may very well be worth it. But if it doesn’t feel right to you, then no matter what they say, you should probably leave it alone.
Go at your own pace. Let others go at the speed that is comfortable to them and let them seek the path that is right for them- it might not be the right thing for you to share that same road.
I think you’ll find your own path, the one that sings to your soul, has the best view of all.
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Which Way Will You Go…

Do you recognize your strengths? Or do you focus on your weaknesses?

Now, you’re probably wondering why I chose this picture to go with today’s blog. Well, I’ll tell you. This is a picture of (left to right) my cousins Billy, Johnny and Gary, and yes that’s me in the hat (why the heck I had a pocketbook I have no clue…I didn’t have any make-up (didn’t need any then) or credit cards.

But next to me is my cousin Gary. He’s a wiz at math. Me? I need a calculator to add two + two.

But for years, when I was growing up, Gary would come over to tutor me in various forms of math. It progressed, you know, to geometry and algebra and calculus.

But it didn’t matter how much Gary tried, or how patient he was…I just didn’t get it.

Math was NOT my strength, but I completed my English Regents Exam in thirty minutes and got 100% (they give you three hours to complete it)

So, in my long winded way, I’m trying to make a point…you KNOW what you’re good at. You KNOW what comes easy to you and what makes you happy doing it.

FOLLOW that way…for it is your way; it’s the way you’re supposed to go.

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Merry Christmas!!!


Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your day. Be happy because you deserve to be happy. When you are happy, then others around you become happy as well.

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Take A Step…

Boost your confidence- take a small step towards your goal. Even a small step is better than just kind of sitting there waiting to get started. It’s like keeping a car engine on “idle” -A car was meant to move ahead and so are you,

Start small…but start. You’ll see the difference it makes in the way you feel about what you are doing. You’ll start to feel better not only about your project but also about your ability to complete it successfully.

Just try it- try it right now and see what you think.

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Keep It Up…



Which will it be- which thoughts will you choose? Will you choose the thoughts that will uplift you, inspire you, make you feel good? Will you make a commitment to yourself to keep up those quality thoughts? You can do it.

Or will you choose thoughts that make you feel bad and low energy and that keep you in fear, because you can choose those as well- it’s up to you.

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Are You One…

Are you one…a good friend? Are you there when someone needs you to lend a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on? Are you there to offer a smile and words of encouragement?

Or are you always “busy” when someone needs your help? Or do you try to “one up” people in their misery- “oh yeah, I don’t know why YOU’RE complaining- let me tell you about MY problems!”

Your attitude and actions towards others will make all the difference. They will either ensure that others will be there to help you in your time of need or they will ensure that you left standing alone.

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