Happy Easter…


Happy Easter. Happy Sunday.

Whatever this day means to you I hope it brings you smiles, peace and kindness.

Enjoy yourself because you are worth it.

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You Can…



Move ahead with your plans. Form a picture in your head and take it from there. Write down the steps you need to take to go from where you are to where you want to be and work on then each day.
Know that you can do it. Know that you possess all you need right inside you to make your life the way you want it to be. When doubt creeps in push it out and slam the door on it…hard!
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Patience is a virtue and with good reason…those who practice it have healthier, happier lives.

Be patient.It is not necessary to lay on the horn 3 seconds after the light changes. It is not necessary to drive like a wild man just so you can get home 30 seconds sooner. it is bot necessary to cut someone off just because, in your opinion, they’re not talking fast enough.

Be kind, be patient. Breathe deep and relax. Your head and your stomach will thank you and so will your heart.

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Desire- do you have it? You must want something to bring it about- not just a passing fancy, you know what I mean- the kind of thought that starts with- wouldn’t it be nice if.. and goes from there. And then that “wouldn’t it be nice if” disappears as another one takes its place.

That is not desire. Desire is a real burning passion to make something happen. Its something you think about, dream about, plan about, make it the center-of-your-life about. It sets your heart aflame. Its with you as you start your day and its the last thing you think of at night.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of- it is the cement of your goals. So the question is “do you have it?”

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Take That Leap…

Take that leap of faith today! If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do but are afraid then today’s the day to push that fear aside. Don’t worry what others may think or say, because it’s your life and it’s time you made the most of it. So stand up straight and do it.

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There Is So Much Good…

Vibrant Sun 3

As I stopped for the light I watched an elderly couple struggling to get across the busy street. She was in a wheelchair that he was trying to push and he could barely walk himself I was concerned because I didn’t think they’d get across before the light changed so I hung on sending those positive vibes that all the traffic would stay out until they were safely on the other side. All of a sudden a young man got out of his car and stood in the middle of the street with his arms outstretched to keep the cars from moving. As the old man slowly pushed the wheelchair behind the younger man with his arms still outstretched he stopped to hug him and thank him. Applause broke out from the cars that had been prevented from going forward by the young man.

Tear of joy ran down my cheeks as I remembered how much good there is in our world.

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It’s Your Story…


It’s a reflection of you…your world; your life. The thoughts you think and the feelings you generate create it all around you; every minute of every day.

If you’re like this girl, she is happily dancing to her own beat and so are you.. You see life as a series of happy events and when challenges present themselves it is only to help make us better and stronger.

But if you’re generating thoughts of sadness and defeat; and if you are feeling that way every step of the way then that is what is popping up around you.

It’s your choice to make; it’s your world to live in.

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What’s Your Story…


What’s your story? Okay, what I mean is- what story do you tell yourself? Do you tell yourself a story of how you’re not good enough or that you can’t do anything right or that everybody else on this planet is somehow better than you?

That’s a crummy story. It’s also a lie. You’re telling yourself lies.

If you’re telling yourself the story of how you are equal to any challenge that comes your way and that there are plenty of things you do right and that you are just as good as anybody else then I like your story. It’s a good one so keep it. It’s also the truth.

What’s your story now?

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How Do You See it…


How do you perceive your life? Do you see it as happy and fulfilled? Sure there are problems but it’s nothing that you can’t handle? Or do you see life as one dull, gray chore just going from one day to the next? Problem after problem for which there are no solutions? What you think and how it turns out is up to you.If you want to suffer well then be my guest. But realize the power is in your hands to turn it around. To see the sun everyday and to know that you are up to the challenge of any problem that comes your way. It’s up to you. Not your Aunt Fanny, not the mailman-just you.

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Do You…

So do you…jump to conclusions? Are you quick to make judgement calls before you have all the facts; often getting upset about a situation or person, when there’s no reason to be? Do you automatically assume the worst without taking the time to think it through and listen to another person’s explanation, and instead talk over them about how bad something is?

Why not take a little time, the next time a similar situation occurs, to stop, to remain calm, and to listen before forming an opinion or talking over another?

You may just find that what has happened is to your benefit. You just might find sound reason in the words of another.

But to do that, you must keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and not “jump” to conclusions!

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