Chain Reaction…

Wonder why you might be having a bad day? Wonder why things might be less-than-perfect? And are you getting madder and madder just thinking about how your day is unfolding?

Think back…no not that far but think about yesterday. Think about how your day went. Think about how it started off. Did you wake up in a bad mood? Did you think to yourself that it was gonna be the crummiest day ever? Did you get mad at every little thing that didn’t go just as you planned?

Yesterday you set the tone for today. Yesterday you put your order in with the Universe about what would happen and how. Remember when you said it would be the worst day ever? Well, courtesy of our ever vigilant Universe you get exactly what you envisioned…crap.

Stop and think now, just how much better things would be if you greeted the day with a smile on your face expecting the best. Think how much better your day would be if you went to bed each night being grateful for a wonderful day and by looking forward to another one being brought to you with the sunrise. Think about it…

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Green Sky