How Will It Go…

How will it go for you…your day? Will it go easily or will it be hard?

It’s in your hands’ your thoughts and feelings mold it for you. They determine the direction the day takes.

Expecting the best, thinking of the best and working towards the best possible outcome ensures a smoother running day…so start your off everyday day with intentions of “smooth sailing”

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Get Unstuck…

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Sitting there mulling over your future? Wondering which way to go? Losing sleep at night because of uncertainty?

Get unstuck! Take the first step and do something, anything to get you moving again. Even if it turns out not to be the right thing.

The fact that you took action motivates you to keep moving and moving feels good. It motivates you to take the next step, and he one after that and,well, you get the picture. So stop for a moment and pick out even the tiniest thing you can o today to start you on your path. it doesn’t matter how small it is. It could be mailing a letter, making a list, going to the library to get that book that you think might help you- but do it! You don’t have to change the world in one day but you do have to “Un -stick yourself” to start the journey.

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Are you a smiler or a frowner? Are you a pleasure to be around; do people actively seek out your company and look forward to spending time with you or do they run and hide when they see you; not wanting to hear you whine and complain about everything from your stubbed toe to the way you feel about the state of the world today?

Look, people who smile and are pleasant not only make the people around them feel better but they make themselves feel better as well.

So be a smiler. Besides, frowning gives you wrinkles.

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Are You Working On It…



Are you working on improving yourself? Or do you put all your focus on what’s wrong with other people? Do you carp and complain all day about what someone else might have done wrong or do you tale steps to insure you’ll do the best possible job that you can?

Part of the Optimist Creed tells us “Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”

Focus on you. Be the best “you” that you ca be.

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Are You Practicing It…


Are you practicing it…gratitude? Do you make it a point to give thanks for all the good in your life? Do you get up in the morning and as your feet hit the ground say “thank you” for being here- another day on this glorious earth? Or do you get up, throw the covers off and then utter and expletive and literally “curse” the day? You hate your boss, your house, your spouse- and the kids are driving you nuts and it’s only 7am!

Go talk to someone who has no job and is struggling to find one. Or talk to that homeless man living by the dumpsters about how you don’t like your house anymore. Or the elderly gentleman who just lost his wife of sixty years- they went everywhere together. Or the young mother who buried her child- pediatric cancer and only five years old.

After you do that, do you still want to curse the day and be angry with your boss or your spouse? Will you still be angry at your kids that they’re making so much noise?

I don’t think so- do you?

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Step Back…


Step back when needed- from a problem to get some fresh insight. When you’re feeling frustrated or nervous or angry- you know the feeling- like there’s a brick wall in front of you and you can’t get through it and you can’t see around it because it’s just there taking up your whole field of vision. Step back from it.

That’s the time to say “Okay wall, I’m going to leave you alone for the rest of the day. I’m going to go home, relax, get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow I’ll be back.”

When tomorrow dawns go back to your “wall” but bring two things with you – your mental “sledge hammer” to knock it down and your mental “rope” to climb over it. And you can decide which to use to say “bye, bye, wall.” With a new day you’ll have new perspective.

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So Do You…

So do you…jump to conclusions? Are you quick to make judgement calls before you have all the facts; often getting upset about a situation or person, when there’s no reason to be? Do you automatically assume the worst without taking the time to think it through and listen to another person’s explanation, and instead talk over them about how bad something is?

Why not take a little time, the next time a similar situation occurs, to stop, to remain calm, and to listen before forming an opinion or talking over another?

You may just find that what has happened is to your benefit. You just might find sound reason in the words of another.

But to do that, you must keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and not “jump” to conclusions!

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How Do You Sound…

How do you sound…when you speak to others? How do you sound?

Are your words kind? Do you offer a smile and sincere sentiments? If asked for your opinion do you give it with concern for the feelings of others?

Or do you just blurt out whatever you feel like saying regardless of the effect it may have on another? Do your words tear them down?

Think about how you would feel to be spoken badly to. Would you like it? or would you more likely avoid that person (if you could) in the future?

Don’t be the person that others go out of their way to avoid.

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Go Easy…

You can only move forward in life…and not go back- so keep that in mind when you keep dwelling on the past

What was said was said; what was done as done- and there’s just no undoing it If there is a lesson you can learn from the past then by all means take that lesson with you and use what you have learned right now and in the future. But if you keep going back to the past just to beat yourself up then you need to shut the door on it and leave it there because it has no place in your life anymore.

Go easy on yourself.

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Have A Little…

Have a little fun. Investing in your own well-being is not a waste of time, rather, it is a sound investment in yourself.

Everybody needs a little time away from their daily grind.It helps you see things with fresh eyes. It helps you look at things with a refreshed mind. It helps you discover new things and perhaps a new way of being.

Take a little time to be good to yourself. You count too. Remember that.

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