Zero In On It…



Get to the point…the point of what it is you want. Zero in on it like a laser. Make up your mind what it is, and not go about your day saying things like “well, maybe I want this,” or “hey wait, I think I’d like this better.”

It’s better to become an authority on one thing than to do several things half way, and have little or no enthusiasm for them.

Besides, the Universe needs to know what to bring you, and not merely guess on a whim.

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It’s Up To You…

Vibrant Sun 2

It’s yours to create…your life. It’s yours and belongs to no one else.

Give it all you got. Don’t hold back. If you want it then it’s worth having. Period.

Don’t let the years pass you by and take no action. Take action now and make what you want yours.

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What Will It Be…



Will it be up or down? Your journey through this life?

Will every setback destroy you; every mistake bring you misery? Will a chance remark deflate you? If you let it then it will. You will always be at the bottom of the steps looking up, but you will never climb to a higher level.

The world is full of setbacks. We all make mistakes. And there’s always somebody saying the “wrong thing” You’re not going to get away from it unless you choose to live in a bubble. And how much fun would that be? Probably not much.

Learn from your mistakes and climb. Let people talk. Ignore it…and climb.

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It’s Always Now…

It’s always now…it’s always the right time to move forward; to take the next step.

It’s not next week, or next month, or next year. When you think along those lines what you’re really saying is that is it NEVER going to be the right time.

A leap of faith is exactly that- taking that chance.

But isn’t it better to take that chance and to find out than to exit this life with that chance still tied up inside you never to see the light of day and never coming to fruition?

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It’s Okay…


It’s okay…to spend the day relaxing and recharging your mental batteries. It’s okay to walk in the park or spend the day with a good book. It’s okay to allow yourself a little break.

So, if you feel the need to slow down then do so. Your body may be sending you a message that it needs a little rest. Listen to it.

So, put on your slippers and make that cup of tea or whatever you find comforting because it’s okay.

Are You Talking About it…

Are you talking about it…the stuff you love, the stuff that makes you happy and smile? Do you share what makes you happy with others as well? Do you take the time to really dwell on the great feelings just thinking about that stuff gives you; and it really does kind of give you a kind of “inner glow” that others seems to notice and are drawn to. When you’re in that kind of “happiness zone” you also seem to attract more happy occurrences towards you.

So…make talking about and thinking about the things you love a regular part of your day!


Open Up To It…


Open up to it…optimism. Optimism can change your life for the better.

Sure, optimists know they’ll be times when things don’t go exactly as planned, but instead of becoming overwhelmed, they adapt. Perhaps find a new way. Perhaps it means going in a different direction, but they stand ready to take action, perhaps a little bent and bruised but still ready to move forward. That’s what sets them apart from the less optimistic group- when disappointment hits they just wallow in it, immobilized. And that gets you nowhere fast so…

Be an optimist!

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Start Now…


Start now…appreciating what you have. And stop thinking so much about what other people have. When you really sit down and think about it- do you really want what they have? Do you want their job really- or do you just think the grass is greener somewhere else? Do you really want their life? How do you even know how they feel about it? We can’t really dig into the heart an soul of another to experience how they really feel- what we see most times is just the surface.

If you want to see green grass- look right under your own feet first- that is where you true happiness just might be hiding.


Follow You…

It’s got to belong to you- your path; your journey. Sure you can look at a friend and say “Should I be doing that?” or “Look at Joe, maybe I should get into his field of work because he does so well.”

But, you know what? We can do that all day. We can look at this one and that one and then we can wonder if we “measure up.” Would our lives be better if we were more like someone else?

But the old saying “The grass is greener on the other side” is a very true one. Somethings do look better looking from the outside in, but if you keep looking t different people and then changing your mind you’ll never find your way.

Let your inner voice guide you and choose it as your ONLY guide.

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