Make That List…


Make that list…write it down. Write down the things you want to accomplish. It’s not silly. It’s not a waste of time.

Writing down that list of things you want to accomplish and then being able to check each of them off is a great motivator. And it keeps you organized.

Whether you take a notepad and a pen, or whether you keep track of things electronically- keep track. That way you will stay ON TRACK

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Are You Gonna Keep It Up…

Okay if you’re gonna keep on doing it…entertaining the green- eyed monster, that is, then you’re going to stay stuck.

If you lean out the window to look at Paul’s new Mercedes and then think to yourself “Oh man, he doesn’t deserve that…I do!” then that car is just going to move further and further away from you because you believe that all there is is lack in this Universe; Paul has the car you want so that’s it; that’s the last one, and he’s got it! You might as well dust off that old rusty bike in the basement because that’s what you’ll be using.

But if you get up, get dressed, and go out to greet Paul to congratulate him on his brand new car and mean the words you say…then you have just affirmed a bountiful Universe. What Paul has can be yours as well (and no, you don’t have to steal his) In fact, this is your sign that yours is on the way.

It’s up to you really. If you want to be envious and turn green, be my guest.

But if you want to affirm our limitless Universe, then toss that green eyed goopy thing out your door and tell him to get lost. He’s got no place in your life. You’ve got better things to do.

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Green Sky

Keep It Open…


You never know how wonderful things might happen unless you keep an open mind. Incidents that at first may seem dire to you may just be what you need to open the door to a new adventure
So before you judge it, before you toss it out as something you cannot or will not do just stop and think and let the idea “set” awhile…you may just change your mind and be genuinely happy about it.
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Hang In There…


One of the most valuable qualities you can have is the ability to persevere, to keep hanging in there even through setbacks. See the setback as an example of how NOT to do something, and tweak it- but don’t abandon an idea because of a little difficulty.

If you do that, then you wont’ get anything done. You’d be flitting from idea to idea, abandoning each one when the “going gets rough” and a problem arises.

Stay the course. Hang in there. Your ideas and your dreams are worth the effort and so are you.

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Vibrant Sun 3

We Change It…

We change it with our thoughts…our destiny. Now we can sit there and tell ourselves that we are where we are in life because of the weather, or the amount of schooling we have, or our parents… but the truth is that we are where we are because of our thoughts and the resulting emotions we feel because of them.

We have tremendous power but how often do we give that power away because of an external circumstance? If we keep this power in mind then we can keep a closer watch on what we are thinking and how to switch it up in order for them to be more productive for us. We won’t let random thoughts enter our heads and take over.

We need to be in charge of ourselves.

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Just Be Glad…

Just be glad…for the good fortune of others. There’s no need to feel that because the next guy got something you wanted doesn’t mean there’s anymore for you.

When we foster jealousy & envy, we don’t open the door to abundance- we slam it shut. Feeling that way tells the universe that we feel there’s not enough so the universe will respond with some lean pickings.

There is always enough if you believe it to be true- but there’s the key to this equation- we have to believe first.

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Green Sky

Are You Using Them…


Are you using them…affirmations? If not why not?

Affirmations can really help. Pick out one that has meaning for you (or make your own) and say them often. Write them down and put them in places where you can easily see them to remind yourself to say and think about them. Say them to yourself in the mirror. Okay, it may seem silly at first, but the more you do it the more it makes sense to keep doing it and the more it helps. You’ll start reaching for what has become your “mantra” and stop using the usual things you tell yourself to beat yourself up.

And the more uplifting your words then the more uplifting your life becomes.

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