Just A Little…

Just a little dab will do you..a little dab of kindness.

A friend of mine has an older family in the hospital, and this lady was scared. They give out little teddy bears to the little kids when they come in, but nobody thought to give one to this older lady except this one one orderly who grabbed on and gave it to the woman.

She immediately calmed down and hugged the little bear until she fell asleep peacefully. After that, she hung onto that stuffed toy and it comforted her. And so did the orderly, who made it a point to visit her each day after his shift.

A little kindness goes a long way.

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If Not Then…

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? The guy who pumps your gas, or your neighbor? They are too busy worrying about their own problems.

No, it has to come from you. Go stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Who is a better candidate to make your life better? It’s the person looking back at you.

You have a choice-you can go though this life feeling that you are not good enough- or you can go through this life believing that you have all you need

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Sun Ocean Tree

Nurture It…


Nurture it…your dream. Protect it. Think about it, write about, talk about it. Let it be the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing at night. Keep pictures of it where you can see it and be reminded of what you dream about.

Don’t let anyone else pull your dream apart or try to get you to embrace a different dream. if someone doesn’t support your idea, that’s their privilege but change the subject to something more neutral.

You have your dream for a reason. It’s sitting there right now, next to you, just waiting to come true. it might have been sitting there for a long while but it is patient.

Reward your dream by helping it be born. Do it today.

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Let It Drift…


Let it drift away- all that stuff from your past that you carry around with you- stuff that us not helping you now but only hurting you. You know the things I mean- things that happened years ago involving people who either forgot all about it or may not even be on this plane of existence anymore. But it’s stuff you keep playing over and over again in your head and each time you relive it it’s like the first time, with all the hurt and pain fresh, ripping open old wounds. And why really?Is it helping you feel good bout yourself and your world so you can move forward? Is it giving you the confidence to close that sale or make that presentation or ask your boss for a raise? Does it make you feel great to keep going over it? I don’t think so and be honest- you don’t either.

So now, in the theater of your mind, scoop it up and place it gently on the waves and let it float out to sea where hopefully it will drift out into the major shipping lanes and be run over; And then you know you’ve seen the last of it

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Choose Wisely…

Choose wisely…the company you keep choose to friend those people who lift you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Choose those people that make you smile. Choose to be friends with those who not only can help you but that you can assist as well. Choose those who welcome your assistance, whatever form that may take.

To those that tear you down well, wish them well and move on. They will find their place but perhaps that place is not in your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, always remember that.

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Take A Moment…


Count to ten first…or twenty or thirty or whatever it takes- before you get angry. Think about it first- is it really worth getting upset over?

How many times do we get mad over some little thing? Because the more you do that then the easier it will be for you to get mad the next time…and the time after that, until you have a “hair trigger” temper and you find yourself spouting off all over the place.

Case in point- I have a friend who tends to get angry very quickly and over almost anything, and I’ve told him time and time again to stop and think before he got mad. But one day he got angry because somebody took too long (in his opinion) to get through a light that just turned green. He leaned on the horn, passed the woman like a maniac and gave her the finger. He cursed to himself all the way back to his office. When he got into the building, his boss told him he needed to re-do certain aspects of a project he was working on. He was so angry at that point that he said something to his boss that he shouldn’t have and ended up being fired on the spot.

And afterwards, he realized that if he hadn’t allowed himself to get so angry in the first place that he would not have come back from lunch in such a bad mood and he would not have reacted so strongly to his boss.

Well, he’s got another job now and is learning to think before he acts- he counts to 25 before he says anything- if he still feels he needs to react.

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What Do You Perceive…



What do you perceive? What do you believe is possible for you?
Do you feel like you are entitled to live life on your own terms? Do you feel that you have the power to make your dreams come true?
Or do you see yourself as a powerless victim just tossing and turning in the tide just trying to get a glimpse of the sun?
You deserve the sun. You deserve the best life has to offer. Don’t doubt it for a minute because it is true!
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Notice Them…

Notice them…your feelings. They are your true barometers; they are your measuring sticks and your compass about the direction you’re going in.

If something doesn’t feel right; if it feels “off” somehow then don’t ignore it. Stop and really think about what you’re doing. If it still makes you uncomfortable then maybe it’s time you changed your path…or at least made a slight adjustment

Give your inner self credit for knowing what’s best for you. Trust it. And go with your gut.

Sun Ocean Tree

It Sure Helps…


It sure helps…being thankful. It just makes you feel better, more calm, more peaceful, and just happier.it makes you glad to be alive.

Think about the times that you have been thankful for something. Think about the way you felt. Think about the actions you then took as a result of feeling good. You took some great steps, right? You probably got a lot more done than if you sat around feeling sorry for yourself, right?

Let’s all shift our focus towards being thankful today and then we’ll make it a great day!

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Take A Good Look…


Take a good look…at yourself. Look at all those wonderful qualities you have. There is no one in the world quite like you.

So many times, we put ourselves down. We play up the things that we might not be so good at and downplay all those things that we really do well. Somehow those things just aren’t that important; anybody can do those anyway.

But that is not true. You may have a way with words, while another does not. You might be good t math, while another (and I’m one of them) needs a calculator for everything. You might have an artistic flare while another can draw only stick figures.

Focus on what you do well and celebrate it!

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