Take A Moment…


Count to ten first…or twenty or thirty or whatever it takes- before you get angry. Think about it first- is it really worth getting upset over?

How many times do we get mad over some little thing? Because the more you do that then the easier it will be for you to get mad the next time…and the time after that, until you have a “hair trigger” temper and you find yourself spouting off all over the place.

Case in point- I have a friend who tends to get angry very quickly and over almost anything, and I’ve told him time and time again to stop and think before he got mad. But one day he got angry because somebody took too long (in his opinion) to get through a light that just turned green. He leaned on the horn, passed the woman like a maniac and gave her the finger. He cursed to himself all the way back to his office. When he got into the building, his boss told him he needed to re-do certain aspects of a project he was working on. He was so angry at that point that he said something to his boss that he shouldn’t have and ended up being fired on the spot.

And afterwards, he realized that if he hadn’t allowed himself to get so angry in the first place that he would not have come back from lunch in such a bad mood and he would not have reacted so strongly to his boss.

Well, he’s got another job now and is learning to think before he acts- he counts to 25 before he says anything- if he still feels he needs to react.

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