Each One…

Each one gets you closer- each mistake. it gets you closer to where you want to be because each mistake shows you a way not to do something. Once you know that, then you move onto something else- something better; something that will show you the way to your goal.

Be grateful for mistakes and don’t dread them. They are always a learning experience and valuable ones at that.

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A Little…



A little goes a long way…a little patience that is.

I was just in the driver’s license office renewing my registration when the system went down and I had to wait- an hour. I sat down and pulled a book out that I carry with me just for such an occasion. I was fine with it- after all, it wasn’t the fault of the man who waited on me, he didn’t want the system to go down I’m sure.

But the lady sitting next to me wasn’t quite so gracious. She screamed and yelled the whole time, paced back and forth and asked me repeatedly why I wasn’t getting upset over this whole situation. I told her I didn’t think it was anything to get upset about.

We finally got waited on and she told everybody who worked there that they gave her a headache. She gave herself the headache.

A little patience goes a long way.

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It’s Always Now…



It’s always now…it’s always the right time to move forward; to take the next step.

It’s not next week, or next month, or next year. When you think along those lines what you’re really saying is that is it NEVER going to be the right time.

A leap of faith is exactly that- taking that chance.

But isn’t it better to take that chance and to find out than to exit this life with that chance still tied up inside you never to see the light of day and never coming to fruition?

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Move Ahead…

Move ahead with your plans. Form a picture in your head and take it from there. Write down the steps you need to take to go from where you are to where you want to be and work on then each day.
Know that you can do it. Know that you possess all you need right inside you to make your life the way you want it to be. When doubt creeps in push it out and slam the door on it…hard!
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Yes You Are…


Yes you are worth it…worth taking time for yourself and doing the things that you like to do. It is not a waste of time. Not every moment of your life has to be packed with pre-programmed activities and every moment of your day filled with all things work related. We all can use a break. Whatever your schedule, clear some time for you and what makes you happy. There is no reason to feel guilty about that.

Your well being is worth that investment of time. You are worth that investment of time.

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Where’s your focus? What do you dwell on? Do you keep track of your goals or do they change everyday?

Knowing what you want and keeping your “eye on the prize” makes all the difference. Changing your mind frequently only leads to confusion.

Take some time to really think about what you want and where you want to go. You know the things you like and what makes you happy. You’ve always known. What are the things that make you smile big and bring a twinkle in your eye? Those are the things that deserve your concentration.

Just because Sylvia wants to live in Phoenix doesn’t mean you have to, when all the while you’ve been dreaming of Seattle.

Listen to your heart. It will not fail you.

Are You…

Are you using them…affirmations? If not why not?

Affirmations can really help. Pick out one that has meaning for you (or make your own) and say them often. Write them down and put them in places where you can easily see them to remind yourself to say and think about them. Say them to yourself in the mirror. Okay, it may seem silly at first, but the more you do it the more it makes sense to keep doing it and the more it helps. You’ll start reaching for what has become your “mantra” and stop using the usual things you tell yourself to beat yourself up.

And the more uplifting your words then the more uplifting your life becomes.

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Sun Ocean Tree

What’s Yours…


What’s your story? Okay, what I mean is- what story do you tell yourself? Do you tell yourself a story of how you’re not good enough or that you can’t do anything right or that everybody else on this planet is somehow better than you?

That’s a crummy story. It’s also a lie. You’re telling yourself lies.

If you’re telling yourself the story of how you are equal to any challenge that comes your way and that there are plenty of things you do right and that you are just as good as anybody else then I like your story. It’s a good one so keep it. It’s also the truth.

What’s your story now?

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