What Matters Most…

What matters most to you? Have you sat down to think about it? Have you written down what is important to you and made a plan on taking it step-by-step or are your thoughts all over the place?

Until you make up our mind about what you want, then you can’t take the steps necessary to make it a reality. Think about it.

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Do You Keep Track…

Do you keep track? Do you write down your goals? If not, why not?

Just  the act of writing then down makes them more concrete. The idea of crossing things you’ve gotten done is very motivating. Get yourself the kind of notebook you like and the kind of writing instrument you like. Make it a pleasurable experience to keep a goal list. Keep it with you and review and update as you see fit.

The act of writing things down helps us immeasurably. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you.

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Just Step Back…

Just step back for a moment…before you get angry. Stop and think, because at this point you can still turn it around and look for a calm solution. One you start screaming, however, anger can escalate. And then it can ruin your day. It can cause you to say things that you might not have said when you are calm- things you could regret.

So before you let anger get started, cut it off before it has the chance to bloom.

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Smash Them…

Smash them…the boundaries you set for yourself (or had somebody else set them for you) Take a hammer and just smack them to bits.

Look, life really does hold unlimited promise for you but you have to believe it. You have to believe in you and that there are wonderful things ready to cone to you if you just let them.

But if you stand in that dusty old corners with your arms crossed shaking your head then nothing is going to come to you. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero.

Life is short so why not uncross your arms, dust yourself off and open the door to see what’s out there for you?

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Let’s Get Going…

Let’s get going…and start this brand new day. Let’s make it ours. Let’s move forward in confidence.

Our thoughts and feelings will make or break this day…so let’s make them good ones and make the day great!

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Vibrant Sun 4

Why Not…


Give yourself a break today. For one day why not push your troubles aside and do something you LIKE to do.

You know what I’m talking about. It could be that trip to the lake or the park. It could be going to a movie you want to see. It could be trying that new restaurant or a visit to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Don’t put it off. Take time for YOU because you are important and you matter!

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Let It Go…

Are you holding on to an old grudge? Are you re-living an old argument in your head over and over? Are you refusing to speak with somebody or get together with them?

Why? Holding onto old hurts is like hitting yourself in the head with a frying pan over and over. Unless you like having a headache or bumps on your head it’s not a positive thing to do.

What IS positive is holding out the olive branch. Make that connection. Make that call. Mend that bridge. It will make you and the other person feel a lot better. The frying pan…use it for cooking and not to beat yourself up

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