Be Glad…


Be glad…for the good fortune of others Be genuinely happy. Offer the your good will.

When we are jealous and envious, then we tell the Universe that because someone else had good fortune that there is not enough for us. And if we believe that there is not enough for us then that’s what will happen- there will not be enough. Then not only will we still be envious, but we’re not going to get what we want.

There is enough for everyone.Truly there is. Be glad for others and they will be here to be glad for you too.

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You Sure Do…


You sure do…deserve to be happy. You sure do…deserve to wake up with a smile on your face. Your sure do…deserve to face the world in confidence and to know that your best IS good enough.

You deserve to feel peaceful. Drama belongs on the stage but not as a regular player in your life.

You deserve it…you do. Now go claim some happiness and show the door to those things that make you doubt yourself.

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Write It…


Make that list…write it down. Write down the things you want to accomplish. It’s not silly. It’s not a waste of time.

Writing down that list of things you want to accomplish and then being able to check each of them off is a great motivator. And it keeps you organized.

Whether you take a notepad and a pen, or whether you keep track of things electronically- keep track. That way you will stay ON TRACK

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You Can Find It…


Find your place. You’ll know when it feels right. Whether your place is in an office or out in the field; whether it is in a condo or a house or perhaps sharing your space with a good friend or maybe significant other or a houseful of pets…you’ll know what feels right. You’ll know what feels like YOU.

You don’t have to be what everybody else is…unless you want to. But there is a path for you; there is a road that has your name on it and it belongs to you.

So go and find it. It is waiting for you. It is where your destiny is

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Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones- whether they be human or have fur or feathers. One day they might not be here anymore, and we could regret not spending more time with them.

Remember that nothing is as important as those close to you. Nothing. What you hold dear to your heart is the most important thing. Make the time.

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Step Back…


Step back…when something unexpected happens. Step back…and think.
What would be the best course of action? It often is not the very first thing that comes to your mind in the heat of the moment.
Be calm…Yes it’s not always easy but take a deep breath and think. How can I make this situation better? What can I do to improve it.? How can I make myself and others feel better?
It may take a moment or two to think clearly. Decisions made in the heat of anger, fear or confusion may not be the ones you want to live with so think carefully first.
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Give Them A Break…



Give ‘em a break…people. I just came back from running a few errands and I was driving behind two vans. One van was riding the bumper of the van in front of it, leaning on the horn and obviously very annoyed at the slow pace of the guy in front of him. Finally the guy in back of him tried to cut him off as the first van tried to make a left turn…into the hospice parking lot.

The traffic stopped as both drivers got out- the second guy angry and the first guy, who was a very old man. “I’m sorry,” he said.” I didn’t know where this place was. My daughter is here, she’s dying.

The man in the second van hugged the old man and said he was the one who should be sorry

The moral of the story is- give others a break. You never know what they may be going through.

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