Vibrant Sun 3

Where does your passion lie? What really makes your heart leap when you think of it? You know the feeling I’m talking about… and you feel like a million dollars when you speak of it and you can speak about it for seemingly hours.

Is that the direction your life is taking? Are you routinely engaged in activities that spark your passion, in activities that give you purpose and a reason to smile so big you think you’re going to crack your face?

Or are you just going through the motions everyday wishing you could just throw the covers over your face and forget about the new day?

Take time today to find ways to make your passion part of your everyday life. It is worth the time.

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Believe In You…



Believe in you. Believe in your abilities. See yourself for the valuable person you are.

Perhaps you’ve been friends with doubt for a long time- so it’s time to “unfriend” him. He may tell you that he’s saving your heartbreak by stressing your limitations- but those are limitations that you let him put on you- they are really NOT you.

So dump your friend “doubt” and go over and shake hands with your new friend “confidence” and start to listen to what he has to say instead.

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They Matter…


Yes they matter- the things that we do well, but somehow, many times, we tend to downplay what we do- and play up the accomplishments of others.

Now there’s nothing wrong with admiring a job well done by another. It’s great to give them a compliment and mean it.

But how often do we say something like “Oh, it’s no big deal,” when someone compliments us on a job well done? And then how often do we then walk away feeling bad about ourselves, while the person who just gave us the compliment walks away perplexed?

But what if, when that person said “Job well done” we said something like “thank you” and then smiled? Think about the way that would feel. That feels a heck of a lot better than just walking away- doesn’t it?

So why no try it next time- because you do things well- and it matters.

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Give One Away…


Offer one…a smile. It only takes a second, and that smile could make all the difference for the person receiving it. It shows you care. It shows they matter to someone. And besides, smiling and laughing make us feel good too!

So as you walk by people today, whether you know them or not, how about giving them a smile? Make everyone’s day a little brighter.

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Take It Slow…



Take the slow road…and enjoy the scenery. Take the slow road…and enjoy all the beauty life has to offer.

Yes, there are times when we need to have a sense of urgency and we need to move fast. But that is not every single time. Notice how often you are in a hurry to go nowhere. We get ourselves into the habit of moving fast and then we think it applies to everything in life.

But it doesn’t…

Remember that and don’t let life pass you by in one big blur.


Vibrant Sun 4

Guide your thoughts carefully, because they determine your future. Keep them in the best possible light and directed to the goals you have set for yourself. Then they can begin to produce the future you want to see.

Try it and see the difference it can make in your life and you’ll feel great too.

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C’Mon Now…

Vibrant Sun 3

C’mon now…isn’t it time to believe in yourself- to have faith that you can reach the goals you set? Isn’t it time?

Look, we have a finite period of time here. Do you want that last whistle to blow and you never even took your shot? What if you would have made it?

It’s your life. So make the most of it. Follow your heart and put yourself out there. Take that shot and get to the top.

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Find It…



Find your place. You’ll know when it feels right. Whether your place is in an office or out in the field; whether it is in a condo or a house or perhaps sharing your space with a good friend or maybe significant other or a houseful of pets…you’ll know what feels right. You’ll know what feels like YOU.

You don’t have to be what everybody else is…unless you want to. But there is a path for you; there is a road that has your name on it and it belongs to you.

So go and find it. It is waiting for you. It is where your destiny is

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See Them Clearly…

hudson beach clear water

Do you see them clearly- your goals; your dreams? Do you carry them with you in your heart and your mind? Do you look for opportunities to help your goals come to fruition?

Or does what you want change with the wind. Does it change when you hear Sarah talk about her dream and then say “Hey, that sound good.” Or do you hear John talk about his goal and think “Hey wait…that sounds even better.”

Those goals belong to them. They are not yours. Search inside your soul to see what resonates with you and then stick with it.

If you keep changing your mind you’ll never reach the destination meant for you.

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What’s Your Story…



What’s your story? Okay, what I mean is- what story do you tell yourself? Do you tell yourself a story of how you’re not good enough or that you can’t do anything right or that everybody else on this planet is somehow better than you?

That’s a crummy story. It’s also a lie. You’re telling yourself lies.

If you’re telling yourself the story of how you are equal to any challenge that comes your way and that there are plenty of things you do right and that you are just as good as anybody else then I like your story. It’s a good one so keep it. It’s also the truth.

What’s your story now?

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