Do You Notice…


Do you notice them…the signs all around you, those little “nods” from the Universe that help guide you?

Or do you ignore them, instead, saying to yourself, “Hey, where’s my sign that I’m on the right track? I’ve been waiting and waiting and yet…nothing!”

Ya know, your “sign” might not be a boulder that rolls in front of your car (in fact,hopefully not) Your “sign” might be something a little more subtle, like a song on the radio, a snippet you catch online, or an overheard conversation.

Those are your signs…but ya gotta stop to listen to them; to see them; to feel them in your heart and then say “that’s it!”

Otherwise, unless you live near a mountain, you’re gonna be waiting a long time for that boulder to roll your way.

Step Back…



Step back…when you find yourself frustrated and looking for a solution. Step back and away and switch your focus. Relax, or read, or play with your kids or pets. Put your focus elsewhere. Sleep on it.

So many times the solutions we look for come to us more quickly when we detach ourselves from it. It’s like a fresh breeze wafting over us.

So next time if you find yourself being frustrated by a problem- step back.

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What Are You Saying…


What are you telling yourself? Are you telling yourself things that make you happy? Do you encourage yourself? Do you see the glass as half-full? Do you treat yourself like your own best friend? If not, why not?

We have a choice in this life. We have the power to make ourselves happy- or to make ourselves miserable. And we do that largely through our inner dialogue.

That little voice inside your head will keep talking. It will continue to give you feedback, but what that little voice tells you is up to you because you program it.

When you hear it speak negatively and pull you down stop it and say “Hey now, little voice, I do deserve to be happy. I can do what I set out to do. I can make a positive difference in this world and now I want you to start reinforcing those beliefs for me.”

See if the little voice starts to change its tune and sing your praises. The more positive you hear the more positive you do.

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Follow your heart- you heart and not your cousin Bob’s, or the guy up the block who seems to have all the lights on in his house no matter what time it is- does that guy ever sleep?

They have their own dreams. They have their own goals. But they are not necessarily yours. You may hear them talk about what they want to do and it may sound good to you-on the surface. But dig deeper and you may find that little voice inside of you saying “oh heck no- that’s not for you!- that dream belongs to that other guy.”

Follow your own heart. You’ll know when something’s right for you and you’re not just following the crowd.You inner voice will help to guide you there.

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Right Now…


It’s what you make it…life. Do you choose to be appreciative? Are you happy for a sunny day or a hot cup of coffee? Or are those things just “mundane” and they don’t count? Are you sitting there just moping around and waiting to win the lottery or for your old rich uncle to kick the bucket? Do you figure that having all that cash will finally make you happy?

Well guess what…it won’t. Well, it will for a little while but then that feeling will wear off and you’ll be moping around again looking for some more rich relatives to pass away.

Be happy now! Be grateful now. Cultivate an attitude of appreciation. It will each day feel special and you won’t have to wait for a funeral.

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Keep It…


Keep it in perspective- those little annoyances in life. Missing your bus or train is not the end of the world. Having to buy another brand of fabric softener from your usual brand is not an apocalypse.

So often we make such a big deal out of little things, we pump so much negative energy into them that we condition ourselves to get upset at the drop of a hat- and that is no way to be.

Before you get mad over a small thing ask yourself if it’s really worth getting upset over.

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Each One…

hudson beach clear water

Each one is a gift…each day, that is, if we choose to see it that way. Each day is something to celebrate- that we live and breathe, and to be able to perceive all the beauty around us. Each day offers fresh possibilties

But again, that the way the day can play out for those who believe in its beauty. But, if you want to complain then be prepared for a different kind of day…

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What Matters…


What matters most to you? Have you sat down to think about it? Have you written down what is important to you and made a plan on taking it step-by-step or are your thoughts all over the place?

Until you make up our mind about what you want, then you can’t take the steps necessary to make it a reality. Think about it.

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Can You See…



Can you see yourself doing what you really want to do? Can you envision it? Can you see it in your mind and in your mind’s eye touch it and experience it?

Karen Ford tells us “People will never attain what they cannot see themselves doing”

Make it a point today, in fact right now if you can, to review what you want and spend your time visualizing it.

If it is a little tough a first, then find a quiet place, put on some soft background music, light a candle and concentrate on the flame. Let your mind drift at first but then start to focus on what you want.

The more you can do this the more you help bring your dream to life instead of leaving in the back of a dark, dusty closet never to experience the light of day.

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They Matter…

Sun Ocean Tree

Yes they matter- the things that we do well, but somehow, many times, we tend to downplay what we do- and play up the accomplishments of others.

Now there’s nothing wrong with admiring a job well done by another. It’s great to give them a compliment and mean it.

But how often do we say something like “Oh, it’s no big deal,” when someone compliments us on a job well done? And then how often do we then walk away feeling bad about ourselves, while the person who just gave us the compliment walks away perplexed?

But what if, when that person said “Job well done” we said something like “thank you” and then smiled? Think about the way that would feel. That feels a heck of a lot better than just walking away- doesn’t it?

So why no try it next time- because you do things well- and it matters.

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