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Just Wait…

Step back…when you feel yourself getting angry. Ask yourself “What will this accomplish? Will it make the situation better? Will it make me feel better and be better for me in the long run?”
Chances are the answer is no. No it won’t make the situation better. In fact with all the negative energy you’re pumping into it you’ll probably make it a lot worse.
Will it make you feel better? Well that depends. You WILL feel better if you like headaches and upset stomachs.
Will it be better for you in the long run? Sure, if you like losing friends and having people shy away from you because you have a temper. ,
There is very little that can be positively gained by getting angry and flying off the handle. Remember that the next time you are tempted to do it. Count to ten first. Or twenty. Or whatever it takes to step back and reframe the situation.
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Do You Notice…

Do you notice how it feels…when you are grateful for something? Do you see the difference it makes not only in your own reactions but also in the reactions of others? Do you notice how much nicer people are, hoe much more cooperative they seem to become and how much more they smile?

Being grateful opens doors you might not even know existed. It can enhance your life a thousand times over. Try being grateful today, even if you start with saying a silent “thank you” for a cup of coffee.

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Friends…they are the spark that enriches our lives. They are our shoulder to cry on and our sounding board for our dreams. They are what makes life worth living.

Good friends…just the sound of their voice can brighten your day and make you feel that you can conquer the world. But there is just one thing…

To have a good friend you must first be one. YOU must be that shoulder to cry on. YOU must be the sounding board for those dreams and then YOUR voice can be that spark. It will be YOU that brings sunshine into someone’s day.

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Open It…

Are you opening that door? The one with “opportunity” written all over it or are you standing there waiting for someone else to do it for you?

If you are just standing there it might be a very long wait so I hope you brought a chair. Opportunity knocks for you…so that door is for you and not Stanley or Teresa or anyone else for that matter they have their own doors.

Your door is waiting to be opened by you so that you can experience all that what’s behind it can offer you.

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Shine On…


Shine on! Yes, I’m talking to you, stop looking behind you. You shine! You do! Look at how many things you are good at. Look at how many people you make smile when they think of you.
Don’t say you’re not good at anything. We ALL have things we excel at and make not only ourselves but others happy as well. Maybe you bake a terrific chocolate cake. Maybe you sing like an angel. Maybe you’re always the first person to lend a helping hand to another.
So maybe you’ll never ski down a mountain or sky dive. Those may be adventurous things to do and many people do them well but that does not diminish you. Nope, don’t argue with me because it doesn’t,
You are YOU and a wonderful one at that. Celebrate what you are good at. Because you shine!
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Think About It…

Set yourself free right now! Do you know how? It’s easy….forgive somebody. Yes, let the hurt go.
It’s been said that holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
Extend the olive branch. It’s time to heal the wounds and move forward. You will both benefit and feel better.
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Surround Yourself…

Surround yourself…with positivity. Little reminders to keep you on the “positive bus” How about writing affirmations on index cards and putting them where you’ll see them often throughout the day- on your nightstand, on the bathroom mirror, by the coffee pot, on the visor in your car and at your desk. Get yourself a little notebook and write down things that make you grateful and happy. Start a vision board. Buy an inspirational paperback and carry it with you and then randomly open it and read a little…a message form the Universe to you. Listen to motivational material and happy and relaxing music.
Surrounding yourself with positivity helps you to stay in that frame of mind. It should be something you do every day. Positive thought needs to be practiced regularly and nurtured. It should never be a “one day you do it and the next you don’t” kind of thing.
Yes, for best results repeat and repeat and repeat!
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