About Deborah Ailman, Law of Attraction and Positive Thought Instructor

Certified Master Law of Attraction Instructor and Practitioner offering counseling services, classes and products to help you bring more positivity into your life.

Each One…



Each one makes us stronger- each event that causes some turmoil in our lives.

From that turmoil can come determination, strength and confidence. It can mold you into the type of person who can make the best of what life brings us.

Don’t fear turmoil; it is part of life and a part of life that can very valuable indeed, if you take the time to see the value it brings.

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You do deserve what you want in life. Success in life is not reserved for a few choice people; it is for anyone who wants it. It is for anyone who focuses on it, believes that it can happen for them and acts as if what they want is already theirs. It is for anyone who is grateful for what they have and is happy for the success of others. It belongs to all who believe in themselves.

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Take A Look…



Take a good look…at yourself. Look at all those wonderful qualities you have. There is no one in the world quite like you.

So many times, we put ourselves down. We play up the things that we might not be so good at and downplay all those things that we really do well. Somehow those things just aren’t that important; anybody can do those anyway.

But that is not true. You may have a way with words, while another does not. You might be good t math, while another (and I’m one of them) needs a calculator for everything. You might have an artistic flare while another can draw only stick figures.

Focus on what you do well and celebrate it!

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Ya Gotta Have It…

dorina fountain

Ya gotta have some…enthusiasm. You have to have a zest for life and an appreciation of all the good things already in your life- if you want to enjoy it.

Sometimes it means being happy over little things- like a sunny day or a warm breeze. And many times it means making a conscious effort to shift the way we we from kind of “blah” to feeling optimistic about the day and all it brings.

Making an effort to be enthusiastic can make the difference between a gray day and a great day!

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What’s Playing…


What’s playing in the theater of your mind? What movie? Is it a movie you’re enjoying, one filled with happiness and promise? Does it make you smile and just want to sit back with a bag of popcorn and put your feet up? Wonderful, great movie then.

Or does it make you upset and fearful? Does it keep you at the edge of your seat and make you anxious and unsure? Bad choice for a movie, I’d say.

How about you mentally get up and go into the next theater where all the people are smiling and laughing because they are filled with confidence and expectation? I think you should make you way over there- and then make that your permanent movie- good job!

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Do They Still Work For You…


Do they still fit you- rules or decisions you made for yourself long ago?

Maybe you made a decision based on something that was happening in your life- but it is over now. Maybe you made a decision when you were 21 but now that you’re older it’s not working for you.

There ARE no set rules or decisions. We are evolving and so should our choices. Times are changing too and we need to take that into consideration as well.

If there is something that you’re doing- some rule you’re following that no longer serves you well then it’s time to reevaluate it.

Choose Wisely…

Sun Ocean Tree

Choose wisely…the company you keep choose to friend those people who lift you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Choose those people that make you smile. Choose to be friends with those who not only can help you but that you can assist as well. Choose those who welcome your assistance, whatever form that may take.

To those that tear you down well, wish them well and move on. They will find their place but perhaps that place is not in your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, always remember that.

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