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You Matter…

You matter in this world. You are just as important as the next person.

So many times, we push the things we’d like to do aside and tell ourselves things like “Oh, that’s too good for me” or “Nah, I really can’t do that” and then we stand there and watch other people do it.

Are they better than we are? No, because we are all important. But the people who are doing the same things that we say we can’t do are doing them because they have a healthy respect for themselves.

Isn’t it time you did too? You matter.

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Switch It Up…

Switch it up- your thoughts. If you think thoughts of gloom and doom and “I can’t” then how will you ever get to where you want to go? You are littering your path eith mental “garbage” and blocking your way.

Think about it- what are you dwelling on as you move through your day. Do your thoughts make you happy or bring you peace? Do they motivate you to reach a little higher?

Or do they bring you down and make you sad?

You have control here- so today think about where you want to go. Think about how you’ll feel when you get there. You’ll feel great, right?

So start by generating a feeling of greatness right now.

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It’s Okay…

It’s okay to be good to yourself. It’s okay to make time for the things you enjoy doing. It is not a waste of time.

Yes, being on track, being motivated, and having goals to reach is a wonderful thing. But there is also a thing called “burn-out” Too much of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing, and we don’t want to get so sick of anything that we lose our momentum and just stop dead in our tracks saying something like “I can’t do this anymore”

If we step away from all that on occasion then we can back to it with fresh eyes and renewed optimism so take a little time for you because it’s time well spent.

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We Make It Happen…

We make it happen- we decide how far we go, or don’t go- just by what we do.

Are we giving it our “all” or just going about our day hit or miss? Do we then say it’s somebody else’s fault because we don’t get what we want? Did we really go after it? Did we really do all we could do? Or are we gonna play the “It’s not my fault” game?

Let’s ask ourselves what we can do to stay on the track we want to be on. And then let’s take action- and assign no blame.

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Look Around…

Are you looking for the opportunities that can hide behind an obstacle? Are you searching for that rainbow?

Sometimes a door is opening to a new and better way of being behind what looks like a black wall of clouds. It is up to you to push through those clouds to see just what is on the other side and not stand there lamenting the fact that its dark and rainy.

Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let that dark and cloudy sky stop you.

Push through and see what’s on the other side. It could be just what you were looking for all along.

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Sun Ocean Tree

Are You Using Them…

Are you using them…affirmations? If not why not?

Affirmations can really help. Pick out one that has meaning for you (or make your own) and say them often. Write them down and put them in places where you can easily see them to remind yourself to say and think about them. Say them to yourself in the mirror. Okay, it may seem silly at first, but the more you do it the more it makes sense to keep doing it and the more it helps. You’ll start reaching for what has become your “mantra” and stop using the usual things you tell yourself to beat yourself up.

And the more uplifting your words then the more uplifting your life becomes.

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Vibrant Sun 3

How Long…


Is there someone in your life that you haven’t spoken to in awhile- after having a silly disagreement?

Maybe it was an argument years ago- nobody eve n remembers what it was about, you just know you’re angry about it and so-and-so never should have said or done what they did.

But still it goes on- you never call this person anymore. You never stop to visit them or drop them a line. You miss them- and sometimes you think that you should reach out. You want to…but then you don’t. “Let them call me,” you say to yourself. And then you go on feeling bad.

Today- right now-this is it- your sign. Yes, I’m talking to you. Call that person today. Make amends. Life is too short. You’ll be happy you did.

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