Trust Yourself…

Trust yourself! Have faith in what you believe and trust that your beliefs will help you attain your dreams. You don’t need the input of every person you meet on the street, they only know what is right for them and not necessarily what is good for you. Trust the little voice in your head that tells you where to go and what to do. Your life is in your hands and that’s where it should be. Don’t let others decide for you

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So What…


So you made a mistake…so what?! See the mistake as a learning process, a way of “not doing things” rather than beating yourself over the head about it over and over until it makes you sad and ineffective.

We all make mistakes, and, being human, we will continue to make them. The important thing is to see them as a learning tool and not as something to be feared and dreaded.

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Keep It Up…


Keep doing it…dreaming. It is not a waste of time but rather a corridor for your goals. Your dream is a guide sent from your inner self; a nudge from the Universe itself.

So keep doing it. Spend some time thinking about your dreams and the message they are giving you because it is a very valuable message indeed so don’t toss it aside and say “it’s just a dream.”

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Go For It…

Don’t let anyone “rain on your parade” as the song goes. it’s your dream and you owe it to yourself to keep it alive. it doesn’t matter what other people think or say unless you really value that person’s opinion and you want it to matter. People talk and can be jealous and mean and most times it really doesn’t have anything to do with you. Stay on your track. Let YOUR journey unfold the way you want it to. That is the most important thing- for you to be happy. that’s what you’re here for,and living your dream does make you happy. if other people want to have nightmares, that’s their problem.

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Ya Gotta Have Some…

Ya gotta have some…enthusiasm. You have to have a zest for life and an appreciation of all the good things already in your life- if you want to enjoy it.

Sometimes it means being happy over little things- like a sunny day or a warm breeze. And many times it means making a conscious effort to shift the way we we from kind of “blah” to feeling optimistic about the day and all it brings.

Making an effort to be enthusiastic can make the difference between a gray day and a great day!

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