Yes You Are…

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Yes you are worth it…worth taking time for yourself and doing the things that you like to do. It is not a waste of time. Not every moment of your life has to be packed with pre-programmed activities and every moment of your day filled with all things work related. We all can use a break. Whatever your schedule, clear some time for you and what makes you happy. There is no reason to feel guilty about that.

Your well being is worth that investment of time. You are worth that investment of time.

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Celebrate It…


Celebrate you! Celebrate all the things you can do!

Now don’t say there’s nothing you can do because we ALL have strong points. Maybe you’re a good writer, or a terrific decorator or painter. Maybe you have a way of making people feel at home; maybe you’re easy to talk to.

So before you discount yourself, stop and re-evaluate and you will find plenty to be proud of…so celebrate YOU!

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Let’s Do It…

Let’s do it…let’s get a little (or a lot) of enthusiasm!

Instead of just moping around being all depressed that we have to work or that we have chore to do that may not be our favorite, let’s switch it up.

Sit up straight at your desk. Smile. Take a deep breath and say out loud “I am grateful for this day and I’m going to make it the best day I can!”

Do you feel a change in the energy? If yes, then great, but if no, then do it again until you feel it.

We’re going to work; we’re going to do some chore that is not exactly our favorite thing to do- so why not make it as pleasant as we possibly can? It will make the day better for ourselves and everyone around us.

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So Will It…

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Will it really make you happy… lots of material possessions? Have you ever noticed that you may say to yourself “my life would be so much better if only I had ___” you can fill in the blank. And then you found that, when you did get that thing that nothing changed? That maybe you were happy for about five minutes but then you sat down and said to yourself “my life really would be much better if only I had____this now”

Real happiness comes from within. It comes from being grateful for what you have. Sure it’s nice to have a few luxuries, but the only thing that truly will make you feel better about yourself is YOU!

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It’s Up To You…

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It’s how you measure it that matters…your success. It’s how YOU feel about what you’re doing and about the path you take that should be paramount.

Sure, you can listen to the advice that others give you- and it may very well be worth it. But if it doesn’t feel right to you, then no matter what they say, you should probably leave it alone.

Go at your own pace. Let others go at the speed that is comfortable to them and let them seek the path that is right for them- it might not be the right thing for you to share that same road.

I think you’ll find your own path, the one that sings to your soul, has the best view of all.

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Take One…



Sometimes ya just gotta- make that climb and put one foot in front of the other. Sure, as you ascend you may not know what awaits you but you go anyway knowing you will be led closer and closer to your goals. Just keep going.

If you don’t make that climb you’ll stay where you are. If you like where you are then that’s wonderful. But if you don’t or if you feel a calling to go in a different direction then put your shoes on and start climbing. Your future awaits you at the top of the stairs.Get moving.

How Will It Go…

How will it go for you…your day? Will it go easily or will it be hard?

It’s in your hands’ your thoughts and feelings mold it for you. They determine the direction the day takes.

Expecting the best, thinking of the best and working towards the best possible outcome ensures a smoother running day…so start your off everyday day with intentions of “smooth sailing”

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