Think Of It…

Think of it as a starting point- where you are now; your present circumstances. Where you are now is not the end- it is merely the beginning of your journey.

If you believe you can get where you want to go from this starting point, then you will- the way will be shown to you

If you believe where you are now is the end of your journey then you won’t go anywhere and you’ll have a miserable while you’re just standing there as well so…

Believe that today is the start of a glorious journey that will take you where you want to go and then…enjoy the ride!

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Notice them more…your feelings. Notice them when you feel anxious or afraid. What are you thinking?

Chances are that you are thinking gloom and doom- that you can’t do something, or that you’re worried about some future event that may or may not happen. Your stomach churns and your head aches.

Now notice how you feel when you think to yourself that you can handle what comes your way- that you can figure it out and make the right choices- feels different doesn’t it? You feel calmer, more focused but at the same time relaxed because you know you have what it takes to get a positive result.

Pay attention the next time you start to feel “off” What are you thinking about? Then you’ll have your answer.

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What do you say when you talk to yourself? Do you say “I can’t” or “it won’t happen” when you think of something you want to do? Is there always a ‘wall’ up between you and what you want. Shy not switch it around? When something pops in your head instead of telling yourself all the old, tired, excuses as to why you can’t do something or why it won’t happen just stop and say “why not? Why not me?” Try it and see what avenues open up to you. Think OUTSIDE the box that has kept you prisoner for so long

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Do You…

Do you smile? Do you greet each day with anticipation or do you dread the sunrise?

Do you count your blessings or do you curse those you think have “more” than you and just want what they have too?

Are you there to lend a hand to someone who may need you or do you turn your back and then wonder why you’re always alone?

It can turn around. It starts with gratitude and a smile…and it starts with YOU.

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Are You…

Are you happy? Do you make it a point to be happy about simple things- a sunny day, a smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, for example?

Or are you only happy when something ore monumental comes along- like a new car or a big raise at work?

Of course you should be happy about those bigger things, but let’s face it, those things don’t come about everyday, so if you’re waiting on those types of things to make you happy then you may be waiting for a very long time.

But if we can be happy about simple things, every day things that we sometimes (okay often) take for granted because we just don’t think they’re that important to be excited about, then we will be happier more often- and that positive mood will drawn in even more for us to be happy about.

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Parashoots Sun

It’s Not Your Friend…


It’s really not- your friend that is- fear.

Oh you may think it’s keep you safe by saying things in your ear like “Oh, don’t do that,” or “You can’t do it- you won’t make it.” And you may believe it too, when it speaks to you- you’re safe.

But what fear is really doing is robbing you of the opportunity to try something new; to move forward and experience life more fully. No what fear is really doing to you is robbing you- of life experiences that could take you places you only dreamed of going.

Who wants a thief for a friend?

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Why Not…


Why not try something different today? Why not have a different kind of breakfast, or try a different kind of drink at your coffee place? Why not take another route to work or wherever you’re going and see some different scenery?

They say that variety is the spice of life so why not add a little zing into your life today?

Go for it.

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