How Do You See It…

If you see everything as annoying, if you are annoyed at everything, well then, it’s gonna keep happening to you…more stuff coming your way to get you mad.

The guy in front of you takes an extra 3 seconds to go when the light turns green; you lean on the horn…you’re annoyed.

The lady in front of you at the deli counter decides at the last minute that she wants a lb. of Swiss cheese and you have to wait another minute…you’re annoyed.

The guy in the drive-though line is ordering too many things in your estimation and should park and go inside the store…you had to wait an extra 90 seconds…you’re annoyed.

And now these people have gone on their merry way enjoying their day…but you’re not because you’re still annoyed.

So, you have a choice. You can either change your perspective on the things that happen during the day; you can let it roll off your back and then walk away smiling…

Or you can be annoyed.


You Can Only Move Forward…

You can only move forward in life…and not go back- so keep that in mind when you keep dwelling on the past

What was said was said; what was done as done- and there’s just no undoing it If there is a lesson you can learn from the past then by all means take that lesson with you and use what you have learned right now and in the future. But if you keep going back to the past just to beat yourself up then you need to shut the door on it and leave it there because it has no place in your life anymore.

Go easy on yourself.

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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter Sunday. May you have a great day and enjoy those close to you.

For those who do not celebrate Easter,may you also have a great day and enjoy those close to you.

Whatever you celebrate, make it a great day because you deserve it.

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Think Carefully…


Guide your thoughts carefully, because they determine your future. Keep them in the best possible light and directed to the goals you have set for yourself. Then they can begin to produce the future you want to see.

Try it and see the difference it can make in your life and you’ll feel great too.

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Are You One…


Are you one…a good friend? Are you there when someone needs you to lend a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on? Are you there to offer a smile and words of encouragement?

Or are you always “busy” when someone needs your help? Or do you try to “one up” people in their misery- “oh yeah, I don’t know why YOU’RE complaining- let me tell you about MY problems!”

Your attitude and actions towards others will make all the difference. They will either ensure that others will be there to help you in your time of need or they will ensure that you left standing alone.

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Get Unstuck…

Sun Ocean Tree

Sitting there mulling over your future? Wondering which way to go? Losing sleep at night because of uncertainty?

Get unstuck! Take the first step and do something, anything to get you moving again. Even if it turns out not to be the right thing.

The fact that you took action motivates you to keep moving and moving feels good. It motivates you to take the next step, and he one after that and,well, you get the picture. So stop for a moment and pick out even the tiniest thing you can o today to start you on your path. it doesn’t matter how small it is. It could be mailing a letter, making a list, going to the library to get that book that you think might help you- but do it! You don’t have to change the world in one day but you do have to “Un -stick yourself” to start the journey.

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Be Patient…


Patience is a virtue and with good reason…those who practice it have healthier, happier lives.

Be patient.It is not necessary to lay on the horn 3 seconds after the light changes. It is not necessary to drive like a wild man just so you can get home 30 seconds sooner. it is bot necessary to cut someone off just because, in your opinion, they’re not talking fast enough.

Be kind, be patient. Breathe deep and relax. Your head and your stomach will thank you and so will your heart.

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