Try It…

Yeah, sometimes you do…feel a little low. Sometimes you just feel a little sad or mad or…just not right.
Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean you will never feel bad. We ALL have our moments. But it DOES mean we recognize how we feel, and when we don’t feel good we take steps to make it better. We actively seek solutions so we can return to a better way of feeling as soon as possible.
After all, it really does feel so much better when our mood feels great and we have a smile on our faces:)
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Count them… your blessings, all you have to be grateful for. Now don’t shake your head at me- I can see you from here. We ALL have things to be grateful for but how often we choose to out our focus elsewhere.

Try shifting that focus today. Don’t want to go to work? How many have no job at all? Annoyed at something your husband/wife said? How many sit by a headstone to talk to their mate? Car not quite the make/model you prefer? How many walk in the cold and rain because they have no car at all?

Think about it…really think about it. Celebrate what is good in your life.

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Are You Holding On…

Enough already! Holding a grudge does nothing to positively improve your life or you mood. It doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t make you smile or to be kind to small children or animals.

It does give you a headache, makes you sick to your stomach and generally feel bad. It can immobilize you if you let it. It rots you from the inside.

So, knowing that, what are you going to do with that grudge? Let it go or hold onto it?

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Do You Keep Track…

Do you keep track…of what you say and how you feel? Do you journal? Do you write down your hopes and dreams?

Keeping a journal is a major step in moving towards your goals. Keeping track of what you want, and the steps you take to get there really helps. Keeping track of situations and your reaction to them is right up there as well. How did you react? How did you feel? Did those feelings serve to help you or did they make you feel worse? What thoughts can you reach for next time to make you feel better?

Keeping track…it’s a great idea to stay ON track!

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Remember to be grateful. I think a lot of the reasons we are always so unhappy is because we’re just not grateful for the things we have and we’re also not very grateful when we get the things we want.

Let me give you an example of something that happened to me.

It was 1984. I was living in Queens, NY, alone…my husband left me one year earlier. Although I worked in Manhattan and took the subway to work I still had a car. A 1973 Dodge Dart. The car just didn’t run right. It had an overheating problem that they just couldn’t fix. New radiator, new thermostat, etc… and still, mysteriously, the car would run hot after only about 10 minutes even on an open road. I had to run the heater full blast even in the dead of summer, just to keep the engine from blowing up.


So basically, it meant that I pretty much had to stay local when I wanted to go out anywhere.

I bemoaned my fate. There was so much I could do if I had another car. I could drive to my Grandma’s house in New Jersey. I could see my friends on Long Island. The world would open up to me. If only…if only…if only…

My mother died later that year and one of the things my dad wanted to get rid of was his car. I guess it reminded him of her. So he gave it to me, a Toyota Celica with a sunroof and cruise control. It had low miles and was in pristine condition. Everybody loved it!

I could travel anywhere in this! To my grandmothers, to my friends, to California if I wanted to.

In the blink of an eye, I had what I wanted. In the blink of an eye, a problem I moaned and complained about for years was gone. I smiled. I beamed…for about 5 minutes.

I parked the car in the garage and climbed the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment.

I sat on the couch, sighed, and said to myself, big deal, I have a new car. What I really want is a bigger apartment.


Does this sound like you? Nothing is good enough even when you get what you want? It’s time to start appreciating what you have! That will make all the difference.

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Let It Roll…

Let it roll off your back…the criticism of others. There is no reason to let their dark cloud rain on your sunny day.
Understand that many people criticize because they may have different life experiences than you and may see and do things differently as a result of that. And some people may criticize because they feel insecure and it is way to make themselves feel “bigger”
Whatever their reason, brush it off. Wish those that may find fault the best but go on in the direction that feels right for you.
If someone is important to you and you respect their accomplishments you may want to consider their opinions and make a course adjustment but only if, deep down inside, it resounds with you.
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Why do you hold onto it…the past? Why do you hold onto things that make you feel sad and uncertain? Why do you hang onto things that hinder your moving forward in positivity?

The past is just that…something that is no longer here, something that has gone with the fabric of time. It is something that can’t be brought back.

But the present and the future are waiting to be molded. They are waiting to be infused with positive expectation. They are waiting to be infused with joy and childlike wonder.

So, my question is- will you forge a new future or hang onto what has long since passed?

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