Have a Happy One!

Have a happy one…a happy Saturday! Do something nice for yourself. It is not wasteful to do so. It doesn’t have to be all that- it could be a new book or seeing a new movie. The point is that you value yourself enough to treat yourself well. We so often do so much for somebody else but when it comes to us then we say we don’t have the time, or the money.

Be good to YOU. You matter and your happiness matters as well.

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Get Out There!

Get out there…and make a difference. Only you can do it…make a difference in your life, that is. No one else can do it for you. And sitting around waiting for something to happen isn’t going to pan out too well either.

Get up. Get up and take a step. Try it. You can do it. In fact, once you get started you will be amazed at all you really can do.

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Don’t Be One…

Don’t be one…a bully.

You don’t have to be a kid to be a bully and sometimes the only weapon you use is your voice.

Be aware of what you’re saying in a group setting.What you may think is funny or no big deal might be offensive to somebody else. Maybe you’re in a bad mood. Maybe some guy parked too close to your car at the mall and you say out loud something about wanting to have a bat so you could smash that car’s windows.

Now people close to you would just say that you like to rant and that you have trouble even killing a fly, so the idea of breaking someone’s windows is just not a possibility. But others may not know that- especially in the workplace- and they may think that they are not safe being near you.

Watch your words. Watch your actions. If you need to rant wait until you get home and rant while you take a shower. Think about it.

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Everyone Is Entitled…

Everyone is entitled… to their own way of thinking and doing things. Our way is not the only way. And our way may not be the best way for someone else either.

We need to respect each other. Yes, you can make a suggestion but if the other person does not want to take your advice then let it be. Let them go their own way. Allow them to celebrate success in their own way- or to learn in their own way- from their mistakes as well.

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Just Glance At Your Feet…

Just glance at your feet…at the green grass that is part of your own lawn- instead of constantly looking over that fence at your neighbor’s lawn.

It isn’t really greener over there, you just think it is because nobody has worse problems than you do- so its got to be better over there. In fact, that’s ALL you think about- how everybody else has the perfect life and you somehow got the short end of the stick.

NO ONE has a perfect life, in fact those neighbors of yours might have worse problems than you do. We all have issues, but it’s the place we put our focus that either magnify those problems or help to shrink them.

Think about it…

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Let’s Take It!

Let’s take this- this brand new week and make it our own. Let’s believe in ourselves and our ability to face any challenges that come our way. Instead of inviting in fear and doubt to be part of our day let’s instead invite in confidence and keep it as our companion as we move through our day.

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Speak Up…


Speak up… communicate what you want. Don’t expect people to guess because most of the time they will guess wrong. That’s because.we all have different life experiences to draw from.

Communicate. Do it respectfully but do it firmly- no need to scream, yell or stamp your feet to make a point.

Communicate- when you communicate clearly you will never go wrong.

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