Notice Them…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDo you notice how it feels…when you are grateful for something? Do you see the difference it makes not only in your own reactions but also in the reactions of others? Do you notice how much nicer people are, hoe much more cooperative they seem to become and how much more they smile?
Being grateful opens doors you might not even know existed. It can enhance your life a thousand times over. Try being grateful today, even if you start with saying a silent “thank you” for a cup of coffee.
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What Do You Think…

It’s all up you to because it starts with you…it starts with the thoughts in your head. What direction are those thoughts taking? Are you noticing them or are they just running through like a bull in a china shop?
One of the great indicators of our thoughts is the way we feel. How do you feel? Are you happy and optimistic most of the time or are you dragging butt?
The next time you feel sad think of what makes you happy. You just thought of it didn’t you? I see you there smiling. Think of what makes you laugh and smile and notice the way you feel. Next time you start feeling sad remember the feeling of feeling good. The more you can do this the better you will feel. And people who feel good about themselves and the world around them do better. In everything. Now don’t you want to be one of those people?
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Look Inside…

Do you have it…faith in yourself and that the things you want in life are within your reach? When you visualize a goal do you see it clearly coming to fruition or do you secretly think it’s all a big waste of time?

You are as worthy as anyone on the face of this earth to have your dreams realized. You are. But you must believe that you are.

Walk over to that mirror, look yourself in the eye, and smile big. Just do it. Now tell yourself “I AM worth it” Say it over and over until you start to feel it. Your greatness is inside you just waiting to be revealed.

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How Do You See Things?

Is it open or closed….your mind? Do you see opportunity in each situation as it arises or are you quick to see only the negative and then make that negative grow by focusing on all that could go wrong? Do you see that glass as half empty or half full?

Finding everything that’s wrong with a situation just amplifies all that could be wrong until you are adrift in a “sea” of negativity.

But when you say “what is right about this” or “what can I learn from this” then all of a sudden a lifeboat appears on the horizon.

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Do You Have One…

Do you have one…a vision board? They are fun to make and help to keep you focused on your goals.

Why not start one today? You can get some brightly colored poster board or you can even get them pre-made in a local bookstore.

Be creative with it…cut out pictures of where you want to go and things you want to do and add to it as you please. Put it in a prominent place where you will see it often and even use it as wallpaper for your phone and/or computer so you’ll always have it with you.

Spend some time with it imagining each thing as it comes true.

It’s lots of fun and gets you in a positive frame of mind as well!

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Do You…

Do you smile? Do you greet each day with anticipation or do you dread the sunrise?
Do you count your blessings or do you curse those you think have “more” than you and just want what they have too?
Are you there to lend a hand to someone who may need you or do you turn your back and then wonder why you’re always alone?
It can turn around. It starts with gratitude and a smile…and it starts with YOU.
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Rev It Up…

Rev yourself up…with good thoughts. See how good you can make yourself feel. Think of the times when you smiled and laughed. Think of the good times you had with the people in your life. Think of things that just make you feel good.
When you feel good you do good. Things seem to fall into place.
So sweep out those negative vibes and invite the good ones in for a permanent visit.
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