Have A Happy One!

Have a happy one…your Saturday. Remember today that you deserve to be happy. Remember that you deserve kindness. Do something nice for yourself because it’s time. We can go out of our way for somebody else but how often do we push our own needs and wants aside?

Treat yourself today like your own best friend- because you should be.

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What’s Playing…


What’s playing…in the theater of your mind? What kind of movies?

Are the movies of success, and confidence and of moving forward? Even though there could be setbacks along the way, do your movies show you meeting them and continuing your journey? Do your movies make you happy? Then good for you then you are on the right track and keep screening those movies.

But if those are not the type of movies that are playing in the theater of your mind then perhaps it’s time to change the film.

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Do They Fit You?

Do they still fit you- rules or decisions you made for yourself long ago?

Maybe you made a decision based on something that was happening in your life- but it is over now. Maybe you made a decision when you were 21 but now that you’re older it’s not working for you.

There ARE no set rules or decisions. We are evolving and so should our choices. Times are changing too and we need to take that into consideration as well.

If there is something that you’re doing- some rule you’re following that no longer serves you well then it’s time to reevaluate it.

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Stop- before you start to get envious or jealous of another. Stop and think.

When you start thinking that way it just doesn’t feel too good. And that crummy feeling is a sign that you are cutting of the flow of abundance that is coming your way Sure, Katie got a new car- but is her new car the only new one in the world? Because she got one no one else can ever have one? I don’t think so. But if you’re thinking that way then that is how the Universe perceives it and so it will say back to you “Okay, so if your envious then you believe there is nothing left for you, and if you believe that there is nothing then that is what you will get-nothing”

Think about it.

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Let’s Jump In!!

Let’s jump into this new week. Let’s jump in with a “can do” attitude that we are equal to any challenges we may face. Let’s jump in knowing that it’s our own thoughts and actions that can make our day.Let’s make it a great week!

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It Could Be Right Where You Want To Go…

Change- the word can be scary. We get settled in; we get used to a routine and we kind of like it that way. But there’s always that chance that change can make it a little (or a lot) better. Yet, we are reluctant to try.

Remember that we cannot move forward without change. Yeah it ca be unsettling, but if we don’t try then we will never know the good it could do for us.

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Have a Happy One!

Have a happy one…a happy Saturday! Do something nice for yourself. It is not wasteful to do so. It doesn’t have to be all that- it could be a new book or seeing a new movie. The point is that you value yourself enough to treat yourself well. We so often do so much for somebody else but when it comes to us then we say we don’t have the time, or the money.

Be good to YOU. You matter and your happiness matters as well.

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