Keep Smilin…

Yup, keep it happy…keep a smile on your face!
It not only makes you look better (who likes hanging around with a sour puss) but makes you feel better as well.
And when you feel good, when you have that spring in your step good things happen Things fall into place.
So keep happy, keep smiling its good for you!
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Count Them…

Find a little…gratitude. Look around you; you have plenty to be grateful for. Being grateful signals the highway is open for the Universe to bring you more things to be grateful for, plus it just makes you feel SO good to be thankful.
Go ahead and try it. Look around and count ten things you are grateful for. Now make it twenty…now thirty. Keep it up- it gets easier as you go along because you are conditioning your mind to look for the positive.
Repeat every day for best results.
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Reach a little further each day. Not necessarily with your toes but with your mind towards your goals. Take one extra step. Make one extra call. Do an hour of extra research.
Just that little push forward can make an enormous difference in helping you get where you want to go

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What Do You Believe…

How strong are your beliefs? How much do you really believe that your dreams can manifest into reality? How strongly do you believe in yourself?
Those who believe they can…will. Those who have steadfast faith that even though there are minor obstacles in the way that they will arrive at their destination…get there.
So what will you choose for a path? How strongly do YOU believe?
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Keep It Up…

You are important. You matter in this world. You are here to make a difference so stand tall and march forward. Don’t push your dreams aside.
You are here to stand in the sun, and not cower in a corner. Always remember that.
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Try It…

Try it; go ahead…see if you can go 24 hrs without saying a negative word. Seems like too much you say? Okay then, how about seeing if you can go an hour without saying a negative word. No? Then how about 30 minutes? Still no?
Alright then. How about this…whenever you notice yourself saying something that may not be so nice think to yourself “how can I turn this around?” For example, maybe you’re about to say something nasty about Peggy but you catch yourself and instead you remember that last week Peggy went out of her way to give you a ride home and you now say to yourself “Peggy was so considerate to think of me and see that I got home safely.”
Now how do you feel about Peggy? And how do you feel about yourself now that you changed a negative to a positive? Feels better, huh? Does it feel good enough that you’d like to try the 24 hours now?
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Watch Your Words…

Watch what you say…when you speak to another. Watch the tone of your voice. Watch the words that come out of your mouth.
Words have tremendous power, and they can wound deeply and the wound can stay there and fester.
Many times, what you think is funny cuts to the bone to another.’
So ask yourself before you speak “Is this the way I’d like to be spoken to?”
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