Is It Time…


Is it time…to let go…to forgive? Is it time to open your heart and mind to someone you might have closed them to long ago? Is it time to admit that we all make mistakes and that we all, at some point can say and do the wrong thing and many times those things can hurt and sting

But how long can you hang onto the hurt and the pain? Is it really doing you any good? Is it helping you to do better and be better? Or is it holding you back?

Is it time now to pick up that phone or knock on that door?

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Are You Really…

Are you really happy for others’ good fortune? Or do you turn an ugly shade of green anytime you see somebody getting something you don’t have?

Do you fume when you see Marty with his new ride on mower while you struggle with a hand held model manufactured about the same time the Titanic left on its maiden voyage?

Is smoke coming out of your ears because Nancy got a brand new car while yours is riding on four bald tires?

Do you sit with arms crossed and a frown on your face while Mike shows videos of his vacation while the last vacation you took was ten years ago?

If you are envious the Law of Attraction will give you even more to be envious of. So if you want to spend the rest of your life with a frown on your face and smoke coming out of your ears then just keep being jealous. But, things may just turn around if you start being genuinely happy for other people.

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Show it to the world…joy, a smile, a spring in your step.

Today, instead of griping, instead of focusing on how miserable things are why not focus on all the great stuff you take for granted?

We live, we think, we breathe and with just those three things we have the ability to fashion a world of hope and positive change.

So dance to the music and wave your arms…show the world how positive you can be!

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Keep Going…


Start it…your climb to your goals. It only needs to be one step at a time, one task done at a time. That one thing will give you the impetus to take that next step. Even one thing will keep you going on your journey.
Without that one thing daily though, you’ll just stay at the bottom forever looking up and wondering what was really up there.
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The door is always open on opportunity…if you want it to be.
If you are willing to keep an open mind, if you are willing to listen to people who have been where you want to go, if you are enthusiastic about things unfolding then that door will always be open and it will have your name on it.
But always remember that a closed mind means a closed door so keep yours wide open!
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Are You…

Are you helpful? Do you stop when someone asks for directions? Do you stop you car when it’s raining to let someone walk in front of your car to get inside or do you let them stand there because you have the right of way? Do you call a friend or wait because it’s “their turn” to call even though they may need someone to talk to?

Remember…as you act towards other so shall they act towards you so be helpful, you never know when you may be the one looking for some help.

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Is it really necessary…to criticize others? Is it really necessary to make others feel bad?

So you don’t like Mary’s shoes; you don’t have to ask her if she found them in a garbage can? The point is that she likes them and they’re her feet anyway. Even if it’s a joke, it’s still not a nice thing to say

Is it necessary to tell John that you think his new girlfriend is a “dog” and that he can do much better? First off, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder and besides, what difference should it make to you…you’re not dating her. And John seems t really like her and they get along great.

Think about the careless, reckless remarks that you make. And cut way back on them; in fact…cut them out.

They serve no constructive purpose and only hurt feelings.

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