Go Easy…

You can only move forward in life…and not go back- so keep that in mind when you keep dwelling on the past

What was said was said; what was done as done- and there’s just no undoing it If there is a lesson you can learn from the past then by all means take that lesson with you and use what you have learned right now and in the future. But if you keep going back to the past just to beat yourself up then you need to shut the door on it and leave it there because it has no place in your life anymore.

Go easy on yourself.

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Are You Drifting…


Are you drifting through life? Do you half- heartedly wish for things and then change your mind thinking that maybe the next thing to come around the corner may be the thing for you?

If you don’t know what you want then how can you move towards it? If you don’t have a clear idea how can the Universe bring you what you envision?

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Surround Yourself…


Surround yourself with like minded people- people who support your goals and lift you up with their smiles and actions- like this guy here- just look at his warm smile.

When you say “I’d like to do this- it would mean a lot to me” well, you’d like to hear “Hey, that’s a great idea,”and not “Nah- that’s a dumb idea- I wouldn’t do it.” And then you feel your heart sink as well as your spirits.

Okay, the truth is that you may never get all of your friends and family to agree with you, but if almost everyone you associate with disagrees with everything you want to do then it may be time to bring new friends into your circle. Like minded friends who support your goals. Friends that you can feel comfortable with discussing your dreams with- and not people who think you’re wrong constantly.

Why not try a “meet up” group online? There are many groups out there with people just ready to say “Oh yeah you can.” You just need to reach out. See the difference having positive, like minded friends in your life can make.

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Parashoots Sun

C’mon now…isn’t it time to believe in yourself- to have faith that you can reach the goals you set? Isn’t it time?

Look, we have a finite period of time here. Do you want that last whistle to blow and you never even took your shot? What if you would have made it?

It’s your life. So make the most of it. Follow your heart and put yourself out there. Take that shot and get to the top.

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Keep Moving…


Keep moving…the best way to get where you want to go is to keep moving.

Did you ever notice that once you pushed yourself to get up and get something done that you now had the energy to keep going and do even more?

If you just take that first step, if you just get up out of that chair and start something, even something small, you will soon find the energy and enthusiasm to tackle bigger things.

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Watch what you say…when you speak to another. Watch the tone of your voice. Watch the words that come out of your mouth.

Words have tremendous power, and they can wound deeply and the wound can stay there and fester.

Many times, what you think is funny cuts to the bone to another.’

So ask yourself before you speak :Is this the way I’d like to be spoken to?”

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Why Not Today…

Make this a day to forgive. When you do, you open up your heart to be filled with all kinds of wondrous things to replace the hate that was once inside it. Call or write a person today that you have had differences with in the past. You’ll both feel better for it. make the world a better place one friendship at a time:)Vibrant Sun 3