Let’s Do This…

Vibrant Sun 3

Let’s do this!!! Let’s make this brand new week ours. Let’s get up and take that step away from fear and doubt and walk right into the arms of confidence and certainty. We can do this and we deserve to do it too.

Let’s make this a great new beginning to this brand new week.

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Is It…

Is it singing to you- the stuff you do all day long? Or are you just going through the motions each day- dragging yourself to work and then dragging yourself home again. No spark. No passion. No nothing. And then all you do is tell yourself “I can’t change it- it is what it is.”

But what if you could change it- what would you do then? How would life be different for you?

Now I know what you’re gonna say “I just can’t run off and live in Tahiti, Debbie.” And you know maybe you can’t. But if your boss is miserable and you hate your job then why can’t you look into working elsewhere? No, you don’t have to go into the office tomorrow and tell your boss that he/she can put it where the sun don’t shine but what about looking around on our off time? Get yourself a new resume and get it out there. Network- let everybody know you’re looking for a new position. Put it out there.

You may not get to Tahiti but you’ll feel a heck of a lot better working in a place where you actually enjoy going to each day.

Little changes can mean a lot.

Vibrant Sun 3

Do You Keep Track…

Do you keep track? Do you write down your goals? If not, why not?

Just the act of writing then down makes them more concrete. The idea of crossing things you’ve gotten done is very motivating. Get yourself the kind of notebook you like and the kind of writing instrument you like. Make it a pleasurable experience to keep a goal list. Keep it with you and review and update as you see fit.

The act of writing things down helps us immeasurably. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you.

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Keep It Focused…


Keep it focused…your attention on the right- here and right- now. Work with today, and what you can do today to make your day run more smoothly. Take action now.

Thinking about what you’re going to do tomorrow, or worrying about the stuff that happened yesterday won’t do a darned thing for you right now.

Your concentration on what’s going on at the moment will though

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Break Time…


Break time-we all need some. We all need and deserve some relaxation but many times we deny ourselves thinking we’ll get more done by working more quickly and longer. But a tired mind and spirit delivers little power. It’s like an engine struggling to get uphill when it’s almost out of gas.

Don’t be like that engine. Stop, rest, and recoup. Do something you enjoy and don’t feel guilty about it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the renewed energy you have and all that you can get accomplished if you take things in stride. So the next time you start to feel pressured and overwhelmed, stop for a little R&R

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How Do You See it…


How do you perceive your life? Do you see it as happy and fulfilled? Sure there are problems but it’s nothing that you can’t handle? Or do you see life as one dull, gray chore just going from one day to the next? Problem after problem for which there are no solutions? What you think and how it turns out is up to you.If you want to suffer well then be my guest. But realize the power is in your hands to turn it around. To see the sun everyday and to know that you are up to the challenge of any problem that comes your way. It’s up to you. Not your Aunt Fanny, not the mailman-just you.

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So What…


So you made a mistake…so what?! See the mistake as a learning process, a way of “not doing things” rather than beating yourself over the head about it over and over until it makes you sad and ineffective.

We all make mistakes, and, being human, we will continue to make them. The important thing is to see them as a learning tool and not as something to be feared and dreaded.

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Are You Putting It Off…

Are you putting it off? The things you want to do; the things that matter to you and are important to you?

It’s important to live today because it has been said that “tomorrow is promised to no one.”

Waiting to live is like waiting to take your first breath. Don’t let today slip by.

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Vibrant Sun 3

Cultivate It…


Cultivate it as much as you can…an attitude of calm. Count to ten before you get angry. Instead of getting into an argument, walk away until you calm down. Take things at a slower pace when you can- you don’t have to be in a rush to go everywhere and do everything. Slow down a little. Spend some quiet time- maybe a walk or listening to relaxing music.

Cut off anger and drama before it takes hold. Cultivate that peaceful feeling.

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Open Your Mind…

Open your mind (and heart) to everything you experience. You never know where that road will lead you. It could be right where you want to be. But if spend your time evaluating and judging you just might miss the boat- the one with your name painted on the bow. #seriouscoaching #debbieailman #positivethinking #crystalhealingVibrant Sun 3