Ya Gotta Keep Going…

Ya Just gotta- keep going. Yup, when you have identified your goals and have taken steps to achieve them, you still need to keep moving.

What’s the next thing you need to do? Who do you need to contact? Keep on top of this all of this and keep taking those steps. Keep making those decisions. Keep going. Adjust if you need to but don’t ever stand still. You are worth the time and effort

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Take a Look…


Take a good look…at yourself. Look at all those wonderful qualities you have. There is no one in the world quite like you.

So many times, we put ourselves down. We play up the things that we might not be so good at and downplay all those things that we really do well. Somehow those things just aren’t that important; anybody can do those anyway.

But that is not true. You may have a way with words, while another does not. You might be good t math, while another (and I’m one of them) needs a calculator for everything. You might have an artistic flare while another can draw only stick figures.

Focus on what you do well and celebrate it!

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Are You Practicing It…


Are you practicing it…gratitude? Do you make it a point to give thanks for all the good in your life? Do you get up in the morning and as your feet hit the ground say “thank you” for being here- another day on this glorious earth? Or do you get up, throw the covers off and then utter and expletive and literally “curse” the day? You hate your boss, your house, your spouse- and the kids are driving you nuts and it’s only 7am!

Go talk to someone who has no job and is struggling to find one. Or talk to that homeless man living by the dumpsters about how you don’t like your house anymore. Or the elderly gentleman who just lost his wife of sixty years- they went everywhere together. Or the young mother who buried her child- pediatric cancer and only five years old.

After you do that, do you still want to curse the day and be angry with your boss or your spouse? Will you still be angry at your kids that they’re making so much noise?

I don’t think so- do you?

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Happy Thanksgiving…

thanksgiving_10000010848-120613intHappy Thanksgiving and may you all have a wonderful day and you find lots to be thankful for. Enjoy your day.

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It’s A New Week…


It’s a new week. It’s a brand new slate for us. Are you going to take it?

Are you going to view this new week as the gift it is, or will you occupy it mulling over mistakes from last week. Will you carry those heavy chains around with you or will you choose to drop them and embrace this new opportunity?

Let me ask you this- which way will serve you better? I think you know the answer to that.

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It’s Okay…

35920050It’s okay to be good to yourself. It’s okay to make time for the things you enjoy doing. It is not a waste of time.

Yes, being on track, being motivated, and having goals to reach is a wonderful thing. But there is also a thing called “burn-out” Too much of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing, and we don’t want to get so sick of anything that we lose our momentum and just stop dead in our tracks saying something like “I can’t do this anymore”

If we step away from all that on occasion then we can back to it with fresh eyes and renewed optimism so take a little time for you because it’s time well spent.

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So What?



So what? So you made a mistake, but honestly, who doesn’t? We all do, but what makes the difference is how we react to them. Do we see them as an opportunity to learn and to grow or do we see then as devastating occurrences that we doomed to repeat over and over while all the while we think we’re the only ones who are making errors.

The first way of looking at will get you somewhere, while feeling good about yourself. The second way…not so much, but you decide which way to go.

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