Try It…

Try it; go ahead…see if you can go 24 hrs without saying a negative word. Seems like too much you say? Okay then, how about seeing if you can go an hour without saying a negative word. No? Then how about 30 minutes? Still no?
Alright then. How about this…whenever you notice yourself saying something that may not be so nice think to yourself “how can I turn this around?” For example, maybe you’re about to say something nasty about Peggy but you catch yourself and instead you remember that last week Peggy went out of her way to give you a ride home and you now say to yourself “Peggy was so considerate to think of me and see that I got home safely.”
Now how do you feel about Peggy? And how do you feel about yourself now that you changed a negative to a positive? Feels better, huh? Does it feel good enough that you’d like to try the 24 hours now?
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Oooops… made a mistake! So now what? Do you sit there replaying the unfortunate scenario over and over in your head and thinking to yourself that somehow you are the dumbest person who ever walked the earth? Do you proceed to tell this tale of woe to everyone you meet so they’ll validate that you are indeed the dumbest person who ever walked the earth?
Or do you stop yourself and acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes? Do you stop to acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process that teaches us how to do better the next time? Do you then smile and move on to the next task?
Which way of thinking will serve you better the next time you make a mistake?
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Will It Really…

Will it really make you happy… lots of material possessions? Have you ever noticed that you may say to yourself “my life would be so much better if only I had ___” you can fill in the blank. And then you found that, when you did get that thing that nothing changed? That maybe you were happy for about five minutes but then you sat down and said to yourself “my life really would be much better if only I had____this now”

Real happiness comes from within. It comes from being grateful for what you have. Sure it’s nice to have a few luxuries, but the only thing that truly will make you feel better about yourself is YOU!

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Why Not…

Give yourself a break today. For one day why not push your troubles aside and do something you LIKE to do.

You know what I’m talking about. It could be that trip to the lake or the park. It could be going to a movie you want to see. It could be trying that new restaurant or a visit to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Don’t put it off. Take time for YOU because you are important and you matter!

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You Don’t…

You don’t have to…figure the world out. You don’t have to sit there and analyze why some people act a certain way. And you don’t have to try to change them.
Trying to change someone is a lot of wasted energy. Let them be the way they want to be. Celebrate what you have in common and be respectful enough to let them live their own lives. Support them in their decisions as you would want to be supported in yours.
The change you want to focus on is any changes you feel you want to make in yourself. Focus on being the best possible you and let others “be” what they want to.
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There’s always an answer…to every problem. Sometimes you have to sit quietly and let it come to you in the stillness of your mind.
When you believe there is a solution, then you will find one. Let it go, give it to the Universe and let it guide you. It has a power far greater than any one person to help find solutions, but you must reach out to it.
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Rethink It…

Yes you can, speak up when you feel someone isn’t treating you quite right either by words or deeds. It’s not necessary to scream and yell and let you face turn purple. It is not necessary to raise your hands in anger.
It is necessary to be honest and to the point, but in a calm direct way. You have the right to be treated well and you can express that. Sit down and talk quietly with the person, letting them know how you feel.
Extend the hand of friendship, but if it not accepted then it may be time to sever those ties. There are many out there just waiting to be your friend!
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