What Do You Believe…

How strong are your beliefs? How much do you really believe that your dreams can manifest into reality? How strongly do you believe in yourself?
Those who believe they can…will. Those who have steadfast faith that even though there are minor obstacles in the way that they will arrive at their destination…get there.
So what will you choose for a path? How strongly do YOU believe?
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Oooops…..you made a mistake! So now what? Do you sit there replaying the unfortunate scenario over and over in your head and thinking to yourself that somehow you are the dumbest person who ever walked the earth? Do you proceed to tell this tale of woe to everyone you meet so they’ll validate that you are indeed the dumbest person who ever walked the earth?
Or do you stop yourself and acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes? Do you stop to acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process that teaches us how to do better the next time? Do you then smile and move on to the next task?
Which way of thinking will serve you better the next time you make a mistake?
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Do You…

Do you smile? Do you greet each day with anticipation or do you dread the sunrise?

Do you count your blessings or do you curse those you think have “more” than you and just want what they have too?

Are you there to lend a hand to someone who may need you or do you turn your back and then wonder why you’re always alone?

It can turn around. It starts with gratitude and a smile…and it starts with YOU.

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Friends…they are the spark that enriches our lives. They are our shoulder to cry on and our sounding board for our dreams. They are what makes life worth living.

Good friends…just the sound of their voice can brighten your day and make you feel that you can conquer the world. But there is just one thing…

To have a good friend you must first be one. YOU must be that shoulder to cry on. YOU must be the sounding board for those dreams and then YOUR voice can be that spark. It will be YOU that brings sunshine into someone’s day.

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Shine On…


Shine on! Yes, I’m talking to you, stop looking behind you. You shine! You do! Look at how many things you are good at. Look at how many people you make smile when they think of you.
Don’t say you’re not good at anything. We ALL have things we excel at and make not only ourselves but others happy as well. Maybe you bake a terrific chocolate cake. Maybe you sing like an angel. Maybe you’re always the first person to lend a helping hand to another.
So maybe you’ll never ski down a mountain or sky dive. Those may be adventurous things to do and many people do them well but that does not diminish you. Nope, don’t argue with me because it doesn’t,
You are YOU and a wonderful one at that. Celebrate what you are good at. Because you shine!
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See It For What It Is…

I was reading the other day that the Bureau of Standards in Washington tells us that fog which can completely encompass seven city blocks and make visibility almost impossible actually is comprised of only about half a glass of water. So little water can cause so much chaos!

And so it is with worry…you can take a little problem and magnify it until it encompasses every area of your life. It “clouds” you so you cannot see solutions clearly.

So the next time you see that little vapor of “foggy uncertainty” coming your way, stop and light it up with your confidence and burn through it the way the sun ends a dense morning fog.

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Use Them…

Use them…the mistakes in you life,Use them to help you be stronger. Use them to evolve and to help you meet new challenges.

Without them, these mistakes that we feel are so vile, can be the greatest teachers of all.

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