Are You Communicating…

Are you communicating? Are you asking for what you want (in a polite way of course) or are you just expecting people to guess?

There are very few mind readers out there. No one is going to get directly in your head and see where your thoughts are going, even those close to you.

Speak up. Say what you mean. Ask for what you want. You can do it. And don’t forget to say “thank you”

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It’s What You Make It…


It’s what you make it…life. Do you choose to be appreciative? Are you happy for a sunny day or a hot cup of coffee? Or are those things just “mundane” and they don’t count? Are you sitting there just moping around and waiting to win the lottery or for your old rich uncle to kick the bucket? Do you figure that having all that cash will finally make you happy?

Well guess what…it won’t. Well, it will for a little while but then that feeling will wear off and you’ll be moping around again looking for some more rich relatives to pass away.

Be happy now! Be grateful now. Cultivate an attitude of appreciation. It will each day feel special and you won’t have to wait for a funeral.

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Step Back…



Step back…when something unexpected happens. Step back…and think.
What would be the best course of action? It often is not the very first thing that comes to your mind in the heat of the moment.
Be calm…Yes it’s not always easy but take a deep breath and think. How can I make this situation better? What can I do to improve it.? How can I make myself and others feel better?
It may take a moment or two to think clearly. Decisions made in the heat of anger, fear or confusion may not be the ones you want to live with so think carefully first.
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Are You Keeping Track…


Do you keep track? Do you write down your goals? If not, why not?

Just the act of writing then down makes them more concrete. The idea of crossing things you’ve gotten done is very motivating. Get yourself the kind of notebook you like and the kind of writing instrument you like. Make it a pleasurable experience to keep a goal list. Keep it with you and review and update as you see fit.

The act of writing things down helps us immeasurably. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you.

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Notice Them More…

Notice them more…your feelings. Notice them when you feel anxious or afraid. What are you thinking?

Chances are that you are thinking gloom and doom- that you can’t do something, or that you’re worried about some future event that may or may not happen. Your stomach churns and your head aches.

Now notice how you feel when you think to yourself that you can handle what comes your way- that you can figure it out and make the right choices- feels different doesn’t it? You feel calmer, more focused but at the same time relaxed because you know you have what it takes to get a positive result.

Pay attention the next time you start to feel “off” What are you thinking about? Then you’ll have your answer.

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Sun Ocean Tree

Take It Down A Notch…


There are times when we want to be high energy – we want to get things done because we have places to go and things to do. But there are times when we need to step back and slow down. There are times when we just have to say to ourselves “Hey, this is my time to just kick back, walk slowly, look around.”

Getting a lot done is great but if we think we can keep up a frenetic pace non-stop then we are in for a burn-out We need the time to chill out,

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bright celebration christmas color

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Celebrate you! Celebrate all the things you can do!

Now don’t say there’s nothing you can do because we ALL have strong points. Maybe you’re a good writer, or a terrific decorator or painter. Maybe you have a way of making people feel at home; maybe you’re easy to talk to.

So before you discount yourself, stop and re-evaluate and you will find plenty to be proud of…so celebrate YOU!

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Got To Be You…


It’s got to belong to you- your path; your journey. Sure you can look at a friend and say “Should I be doing that?” or “Look at Joe, maybe I should get into his field of work because he does so well.”

But, you know what? We can do that all day. We can look at this one and that one and then we can wonder if we “measure up.” Would our lives be better if we were more like someone else?

But the old saying “The grass is greener on the other side” is a very true one. Somethings do look better looking from the outside in, but if you keep looking t different people and then changing your mind you’ll never find your way.

Let your inner voice guide you and choose it as your ONLY guide.

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Be It…

Be your own barometer. How can you do that? By noticing your feelings in different situations.

When you feel good; when you feel open; when you feel ANYTHING is possible then you know you’re in the right place… the place where dreams come true; the place where miracles happen.

But when you feel nervous, anxious, angry, jealous or insecure, then you’ve entered the land of “blockage” the place where you and the things you want stagnate and just seem to fall apart.

Practice feeling good. Practice being grateful for what you have.Practice being happy for the good fortune of others. Be kind in your words and deeds. Move forward in life with positive expectation and a smile.

See the difference it can make in your life.

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Sun Ocean Tree

How Will It Go…


How will it go for you…your day? Will it go easily or will it be hard?

It’s in your hands’ your thoughts and feelings mold it for you. They determine the direction the day takes.

Expecting the best, thinking of the best and working towards the best possible outcome ensures a smoother running day…so start your off everyday day with intentions of “smooth sailing”

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