Offer One…

Offer one…a smile. It only takes a second, and that smile could make all the difference for the person receiving it. It shows you care. It shows they matter to someone. And besides, smiling and laughing make us feel good too!

So as you walk by people today, whether you know them or not, how about giving them a smile? Make everyone’s day a little brighter.

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Are You Rushing It…


Point B as fast as you can? Do you often begin sentences with “I’ll be happy when ____ (you fill in the blank)

You know what? Life will end soon enough so you don’t have to try to make it go any faster- stop and savor the small moments as they unfold- that is some of the stuff that makes life worth living.

You know what? If you keep say stuff like “I’ll be happy when…” you’ll find that when your “when” rolls around you are happy- for about five minutes, and then you’re off on yet another “I’ll be happy when…” and then in the meantime, you’re miserable.

You know what I’m talking about. Living life this way makes no sense and in the end, won’t make you happy- but enjoying the actual journey; seeing it as part of a learning and enrichment process will.

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Just Wait…

Before you do it…before you fly off the handle…think. Is it going to make the situation better by raving like a maniac? Is it going to help you handle the situation better or will it make it worse? Is it going to make the people around you more cooperative or cause them to get angry as well?

Stop and take a breath first and then decide on the best course of action.

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Let It Slide…

Give ’em a break..people. Yep sometimes ya just gotta let it slide off your back.

Everyone has different experience in life. Each of us is on a different path. Each of us was raised differently with different ideals. And people form their opinions based on those experiences.

It is important to remember and honor that the next time we feel we want to lash out or criticize. We are not cookie cutter versions of each other. It’s what makes the world interesting.

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It’s All in How You See It…

If you see everything as annoying, if you are annoyed at everything, well then, it’s gonna keep happening to you…more stuff coming your way to get you mad.

The guy in front of you takes an extra 3 seconds to go when the light turns green; you lean on the horn…you’re annoyed.

The lady in front of you at the deli counter decides at the last minute that she wants a lb. of Swiss cheese and you have to wait another minute…you’re annoyed.

The guy in the drive-though line is ordering too many things in your estimation and should park and go inside the store…you had to wait an extra 90 seconds…you’re annoyed.

And now these people have gone on their merry way enjoying their day…but you’re not because you’re still annoyed.

So, you have a choice. You can either change your perspective on the things that happen during the day; you can let it roll off your back and then walk away smiling…

Or you can be annoyed.

Your choice.


Trust Them…


Learn- to trust your capabilities. Trust yourself. When you feel moved to do something then move forward. When you feel you can do something new, there’s a reason for that- it’s your inner voice telling you that you can. Go with it. Believe in it.Believe in yourself.

When you feel the fear of “second guessing” yourself start to surface then push it back. Remind yourself how far you’ve come- and you know what? You can take yourself the rest of the way too.

Just trust in the person you know the best…you.

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It’s Okay…

It’s okay…to spend the day relaxing and recharging your mental batteries. It’s okay to walk in the park or spend the day with a good book. It’s okay to allow yourself a little break.

So, if you feel the need to slow down then do so. Your body may be sending you a message that it needs a little rest. Listen to it.

So, put on your slippers and make that cup of tea or whatever you find comforting because it’s okay.

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It Starts With You…

990105679_002It starts with you. Look in the mirror and say “I love you.” When you really love yourself you make better decisions about your goals and it opens up your heart to receive love as well. Always remember that you are worth being loved and having your dreams come true.

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Act As If…


Want to be more confident? Want to manifest your goals? One of the quickest way to get there is to act “as if” you already have the things you want.

Are you shy? Well if you did have confidence how would you act? How would you dress, how would you walk, how would you talk? Why not dress and act that way NOW.

Norman Vincent Peale was one of the greatest positive thinkers of this generation. He always preached that we should act “as if” we already have the traits we desire, for when we do this we bring ourselves into alignment with our dreams and once we do that, well, those dreams can be seen clearly coming right towards you. Go ahead, try it today! What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? Everything!

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It’s What You Think…

Its what you think that matters. What you want, how you feel, what direction you want to go in. The decision is yours. It does not belong to your Aunt Matilda or Uncle Frank. It doesn’t even belong to your best friend or your boss. It belongs to you; it’s what feels right to you; what resonates deep inside your heart.

Make that decision for yourself based on what your gut tells you. Don’t let those “gremlins” those negative thoughts that can make their way into your mind decide for you either- keep them out.

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