New World

See the world as a place of abundance and not as a place of lack! There is more than enough in the wonderful Universe for all of us. Make that your reality and improve the quality of your life!

Yes, that IS a chicken in a pot!

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It Starts With You

It starts with you. Look in the mirror and say “I love you.” When you really love yourself you make better decisions about your goals and it opens up your heart to receive love as well. Always remember that you are worth being loved and having your dreams come true:)

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Think Positive

Why not try deliberately thinking positive today? You will be amazed at the difference it will make in the way you feel! And you are worth feeling happy. Once in that mode, your day will go much more smoothly and be much more pleasant. So try it today!

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Good For You

Why not read a positive book instead of  watching the news on television. The news is predominately negative; while a positive book can life your spirits and put you in a better place! And that’s where you want to be. Have a happy day:)

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Yes, you are worth having the life of your dreams. You were put here to be happy, not to be miserable. Stop and take stock of yourself; you have many positive qualities! Think about it- who deserves a good life more than you!

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If you stay in a state of gratitude then the Universe will give you more to be grateful for! So make being grateful a daily habit.

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Be Kind

Treat others with kindness for you will find that kindness will be returned to you. You set the example. You be the one who extends the helping hand. You will not be disappointed with the reaction you receive:)

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