Are You Keeping Track?

990205258_022Are you keeping track…of the things you want to accomplish? Do you keep a journal of what you want and the steps you’ve taken (or need to take) to set your dreams in motion and do you take the time to review what you’ve written daily?

Keeping written records not only keeps you organized but keeps you inspired…you see what you want and see what you’ve done to get there. it gives you motivation to keep moving and reviewing them at night cements them in your dreams:)

Looking Back or Ahead?

dsc02014_0004Are you looking back or ahead? Are you spending your days in what was, holding onto every mistake and reliving it over and over, or playing out little games of “what if this happened instead” in your head?

Whatever happened, happened. It is done. It is over.

Vivian Laramore Rader tells us “I’ve shut the door on yesterday and thrown the key away-tomorrow holds no fear for me since I’ve found today.”

Leave yesterday behind. Leave regret behind; it’s only hurts and never helps.

Don’t Put It Off

990204522_037Don’t put it off…do the things you want to do. Don’t say “next week” or “next year” or “when this or that happens”

It has been said that “tomorrow is promised to no one.” Make it a point to do at least one thing you want to do within the next thirty days. Plan it. Think about it. Smile about it.

Yes, we all have responsibilities in life and no, we just can’t go riding off into the sunset on a big white horse, but we should no dismiss those things that make us happy on a regular basis either. Remember always that you deserve to feel good.

Are You Patient?

990205258_034Are you patient? Or are you in a rush often, jumping from one thing to another; never giving your idea a chance to come to fruition? Do you look at one thing, tap your feet for a few minutes and then say something like “Oh that won’t work…let me try this instead?”

Many opportunities are missed because we just don’t give it any time. We want instant results and anything less than that is just…well no good.

Be patient; insights come your way when you mind is calm and relaxed. Maybe those insights will tell you to keep going or maybe not…but with patience your timing will be right…not rushed.

Are You Taking Notice?

DSC01637_0050Are you taking notice of the thoughts that run through your head? Are you perhaps judging people as you see them, “Oh look at what she has on; it looks ridiculous,” or “What kind of idiot buys a car like that,? or “I’d never buy that color of paint…that would be ugly in any room!”

Do you notice how you feel when you say these things? Do they honestly make you feel good or do they somehow make you angry? Those angry feeling just dip you deeper into negativity, which only makes you feel worse.

Isn’t it better to say something like, “that might not be what I would have chosen [for a dress, or a car or a can of paint] but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” how do you feel then? Better right?

Each negative thought propels you deeper into negativity and it will draw more negative experiences into your life. but a more positive thought allows more positivity to come your way.

Take notice when you judge, and look on the bright side instead.

Break Out!

ChrysanthemumBreak out for just one day, from your usual way of thinking. Instead of focusing on all that’s wrong in your life, the mess the dog made or the dishes left in the sink by the kids or that report you were supposed to have finished three days ago but haven’t yet, shift your focus.

Think about how the dog greets you when you come home like you were the only person living in this Universe. Think about the smiles and hugs the kids give you and the way they laugh. And so maybe you haven’t quite finished this report yet but how many others have been both  on time and on point.

Break out for just a day and give yourself a break!

Just Let It Go!

990204104_011Just let it go. When you want to manifest a goal, put some positive energy in it, sate it in the present such as “I am so happy and grateful now that” (you fill in the blank) and then let it go. Let the Universe handle the “how” for you.

Stopping and saying “is it here yet” or “I don’t see it” or “I don’t think it’s coming” is a sure way to delay it.

Put your attention on something else. You don’t have to micro-manage the Universe. It knows the best way to getyou what you want…it’s been doing it since time began:)

So, How Much Longer?

990210627_010So, how much longer are you going to hold a grudge? Many people still stew about a chance remark somebody else made years ago. They think about it, review it in their head a few times, and then get mad. And many times the person they had a little “disagreement” with doesn’t even remember it or maybe isn’t even on the face of this earth any longer.

So what is all that negative energy about anyway? Is it helping you in any way? is it making you smile and giving you positive vibes to help make your day better? Or is it just dragging you down?

So, how much longer are you going to hold onto this stuff? isn’t it time to let it go and set yourself free from the hurt and pain it brings you?

Be Happy To Be You!

KoalaBe happy to be you! Instead of putting yourself down why not celebrate your good points. Celebrate your strengths.We all have them, but we tend to downplay them; somehow, the grass is always greener on the other side.

But is it really? Trying to be like somebody else often leads to disappointment because you’re not being true to yourself. Besides, how do you know the other person is so great anyway? Maybe they have problems and issues that you know nothing about. In fact, if you did become like them maybe you’d truly be miserable.

Be good to yourself. Think kindly of yourself. Celebrate yourself.

Think About it

990108468_034Think about it…how often do you listen to what other people say either to you or about you and put it above your own thoughts and feelings?

Sure, Susan may not like your new red dress but YOU do…and that’s why you bought it. The color makes you happy and you like the way you look in it. So what if Susan doesn’t like it? But what do you do? You go home and throw it in the back of your closet and you never wear it again…why?

Bob walks up to you as you’re mowing your lawn and tells you that the lawn mower you have is horrible and then goes on to enumerate all the ways he feels it falls short of HIS expectations. However, YOU have always been pleased with the job the mower does and it never gives you any trouble. But then you start to think…”Maybe Bob is right. Maybe there is a better mower I should be using and besides, this one is old and it’s time for a new one.”

Follow your own gut. It knows what is best for you. Others will always have an opinion and you can listen politely but ultimately what you decide should resonate with you.