Choose Wisely…

Choose wisely…the company you keep choose to friend those people who lift you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Choose those people that make you smile. Choose to be friends with those who not only can help you but that you can assist as well. Choose those who welcome your assistance, whatever form that may take.

To those that tear you down well, wish them well and move on. They will find their place but perhaps that place is not in your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, always remember that.

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Let It Go…

Are you holding on to an old grudge? Are you re-living an old argument in your head over and over? Are you refusing to speak with somebody or get together with them?

Why? Holding onto old hurts is like hitting yourself in the head with a frying pan over and over. Unless you like having a headache or bumps on your head it’s not a positive thing to do.

What IS positive is holding out the olive branch. Make that connection. Make that call. Mend that bridge. It will make you and the other person feel a lot better. The frying pan…use it for cooking and not to beat yourself up

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Think About It…


Are you hanging in there? Or do you quit each project after only a short time? Jacob Riis called “The Master Builder” once said that a stone cutter could deliver 100 blows to a stone and on the 101st try, the rock would split.

Are you hanging in at least that long or do you give up after the first meeting or phone call and say “Oh this is not for me” or “Things never go my way.”

How do you know if that situation would not have turned around for you if you had just hung on awhile longer…one more phone call; one more meeting, one more of whatever it takes?

Don’t sell yourself or your idea short!

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Make Time…

Find strength in the stillness. Marvel at the beauty around you….the clouds, the sunsets, the flowers….whatever scenery pleases you.

Know that this magnificence is your benefactor if you allow it to be. Its unlimited power can light your way, so relax and fall into its loving grasp

Make time to experience it because it will help you along your way

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Do You Notice…

Do you notice how it feels…when you are grateful for something? Do you see the difference it makes not only in your own reactions but also in the reactions of others? Do you notice how much nicer people are, hoe much more cooperative they seem to become and how much more they smile?

Being grateful opens doors you might not even know existed. It can enhance your life a thousand times over. Try being grateful today, even if you start with saying a silent “thank you” for a cup of coffee.

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Are You…

Are you jumping through hoops to please others? Do you know you lose a little of yourself each time you do that?

It’s great to make someone else happy, but only do it if you truly care and not out of a false sense of obligation that only makes you angry and hurt. The idea is to help someone and feel good about your actions.

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Be Grateful…

The other day I was waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts and I overheard a conversation between two ladies while having their coffee.

One was going on and on about how miserable her husband was and how her son never listened to her. As she spoke tears welled up in the other lady’s eyes until she said “I only wish my husband was still alive and I haven’t seen my son in years. The only conversation I have is with the walls.” Then she got up crying and walked out the door.


Stop complaining. You don’t know how lucky you are until you stop to count your blessings~

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We All Shine…

Why compare yourself to another? We all have unique and wonderful talents. There are also things that we cannot (or choose not to) do.

Maybe Mary can make a costume from a scrap of cloth but she can’t keep her checkbook straight. Maybe Dan is great with numbers but he’s too shy to give a short speech at his local community center. Maybe Eileen is a great cook but can never seem to be on time.

We are all here to celebrate our uniqueness and to appreciate the uniqueness of others…not to stick out our tongues and say “nah, nah nah” I’m better than you!”

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See It For What It Is…

I was reading the other day that the Bureau of Standards in Washington tells us that fog which can completely encompass seven city blocks and make visibility almost impossible actually is comprised of only about half a glass of water. So little water can cause so much chaos!

And so it is with worry…you can take a little problem and magnify it until it encompasses every area of your life. It “clouds” you so you cannot see solutions clearly.

So the next time you see that little vapor of “foggy uncertainty” coming your way, stop and light it up with your confidence and burn through it the way the sun ends a dense morning fog.

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Brush It Off…

Brush it off…the little “hiccups” of the day. So Bob in accounting doesn’t like your new dress…so what? You do and that’s the important thing.

Your neighbor Janet thinks your new car is silly…why do you need an SUV when it’s only you and your significant other? Because YOU like it, that’s why!

People are people and they will on occasion say something that might upset you and you know what, if it’s something really important or if it comes from somebody important to you then you may want to listen…though the final decision belongs to you.

Janet and Bob? Let them do their own shopping.

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