If You Let It

Do you complain? Do you let someone know when they’ve hurt or embarrassed you? Do you gently correct the behavior you find so offensive or do you quietly stew while the other person has no idea what’s going on?

If you don’t say something then it will keep happening, won’t it? So speak up but always do it with kindness. Now Samantha doesn’t like Como sleeping in her dog bed but she doesn’t let him know so I guess she’ll keep sleeping on the floor;)

Take It Slow

Take it slow. Take a little time for yourself today. even if it’s in the middle of a busy day. Enjoy that chicken salad sandwich. Take your coffee outside and sit on a bench for awhile. Don’t make your day a marathon of rushing around that will just end in a stomach ache and frazzled nerves. Take some time to breathe, slow down and enjoy…something. You pick what it is:)

Take Time With Others

Take time with others. Don’t blow them off just because they don’t think like you or act like you or look like you. Take time to listen and help when you can. For next time it could be you needing the helping hand:)


Laugh…whenever you can! See the humor in the situation, smile, skip and hop if you like. it feels great to be silly so why not be silly as often as you can!

What Do You Do?

What do you do to put yourself in that place of higher vibration? Do you meditate or listen to programs that make you feel good about yourself? Do you surround yourself with photographs of people you love?

If not, why not? You deserve to feel good so take the steps to make that a reality for you. Take the steps today:)

Are You Letting It Stick?

Are you letting it stick? All the little “hurts” and “injustices” that happen during the day. You know the kind I mean..someone cuts you off or gets the last sugar doughnut. Your friend forgets to call and you get mad and really over nothing.

Does it make you feel good? Then why do you let it stick to you ruining your day? Let it slide off and enjoy the day as you deserve to do. Focus on the good and let that other stuff disappear into the mist of the ending day:)


Decide…is that person worth being in your life? Doe being around them make you feel good and uplifted? Do you smile when you think about them or do you grimace? Do they lift your heart or make it sink? You know, deep inside you have the answer. The question is will you listen to it?